Doctor, Mother, Author, Workaholic, Soul Healer, Blogger. She loves her school, school days, and schoolmates.

Dr Renu Sharma is a known & respected personality in the medical & social world. She loves taking forwards the family legacy through her reforming works for women empowerment and society, undertaking work like organic farming, running rehabilitation centres for the elderly, supporting women in need with cottage industry.

Dr Renu Sharma describes her BBFs as her strength and credits the cause of her happiness and success to them. She says that my best buddies for life are from the days of childhood, who keep me grounded, reminding me who I am, who I was, and where I am going to be. They are her true inspiration.

Dr Renu Sharma did her, MBBS-MD from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. There she learned about the human body and life science and the meaning of life. She had realized that the soul is the essence of life.

Dr Renu Sharma is a person who drives out of her passion. She breathes for the purpose and believes in trying things differently. You can say that she is an out-of-the-box of a kind.

Dr Renu Sharma tries to do everything possible that she thinks can impact and bring changes in the surrounding. She believes that she can change lives for betterment by healing the soul while she heals wounds. Her inherent ability to awaken the soul, which she nurtures with confidence and optimism, allows her to break the glass ceiling with creative thinking. Her God-granted talent is to console a soul by infusing hope and igniting a new you out of brokenness. Building a solid foundation and developing a positive attitude towards life is the most outstanding of her achievements.

Dr Renu Sharma is the brand ambassador for the campaign- Run Bhopal Run. Its primary objectives are spreading fitness awareness, promoting a healthy lifestyle, addressing mental health issues, and the welfare of citizens in general.

Fitness savvy and her passion for self-care motivated her to share the same interest in a healthy lifestyle with others. A caring attitude for others prompted her to establish the Narmada Wellness World under the umbrella of Narmada Health Group.

Apart from blogging, she is managing Narmada Group Hospitals and other ventures under its umbrella.

Being the director of a health institution, a leader, people look up to her as a role model, and she loves to encourage everyone around her to follow a healthy and purposeful life. Although being a professional Doctor, she had never restricted her vision to the limit of the hospital and patient care only. She believes in helping people outside the walls of the hospital as well.

Being Optimistic, creating a positive environment, manifesting and magnifying positive vibes, living a purpose-driven life, and serving others is the mission that Dr Renu Sharma leads.