Are you in search of your soul mate? In search of your love, your Life? Celebrate yourself, Celebrate in you the portion of Divine, Love yourself and Positive Vibes! 

Everyone around me is in search of life, the soul that completes the emptiness and fill them with lively vibes. People are lonely as never before being together are in search of love and the one who love them more. 

It’s all red and pink around, love is in the air, Valentine Vibes are on the rise. Singles stepping up to mingle, married desperately to display what? they don’t know. Being together, people are alone depression, anxiety, loneliness are on soar.  

In the name of love, the world is falling apart more than ever before, In name of love people are distancing more, divorce happening more, mental illness, depression and secret life are on soar. The world is broken and fragile more than ever before people are in unrest, the souls in search of solace and what they achieve is wandering lust. 

Today together, tomorrow alone, people are looking for a new partner & new life more. Love is not about commitment but every day new vows are made to be broken, life is not about commitment but a choice. Sharing life is not seen, swiping screen & more application for a new partner to fall in love, is the routine. 

Love crises are the subject never has attention as now before, healing and mending souls is now a concern more. Why relationships are the major trending topic and are they on the discussion forum as was never before? The manifesto of well-being is not wealth or health instead it’s all about mental health and stress focuses on trust and relationships. ⁠

The recent research from a leading financial magazine reveals, the world is falling apart and the happiness index is falling crashing down. The basic elements of a human being are the social circle and that is most facing crises. People becoming more self-centred, living acting like a machine and the basic attribute, the basic needs that are; Love, trust, faith, security, belonging and selflessness in a relationship and social circle are nothing more than metaphors. 

The race to catch up the pace for development and growth at any cost has replaced the family and personal space. Giving new meanings, traped in technology giving rise to anxiety. 

It’s time to remind ourselves that life is not just meant to be endured but to be LIVED and that is not living the life of phones & technology eloped in our pockets. We spend our lives eagerly waiting for the bigger moments when it’s the little moments that give us the greatest opportunities to fall in love with life.

Shred away the cover that’s over your soul, and you will find your soul mate, to fall in love, to love every day each moment more and more. 

The sound of laughter from someone you love. Raindrops kissing the face of mother earth, snuggling under covers after a long day, a hot cup of coffee or tea. Take time to reflect on these little moments & memories. Start living each day, celebrate the love for a lifetime. Give energy to small little things, energy to positive vibes.

These days relationships, when we think and talk about; have become like the most delicate piece of art, with a tag in Bold, ” Handle with care”, though peace is all about being carefree, safe and secure. Trust and faith are replaced with Evidence and Ethics, protected under passwords are the sanctity of relationships in present days. Aren’t trust, integrity & belongingness are the unbroken unsaid attributes of LOVE.? 

Brokenness and betrayal, and secrecy, and lying, and double-dealing; the meaning of love is what all people encounter. Passion, lust, vengeance, and possessiveness is rising every day.

People have forgotten Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres. Love never fails. 

Before marriage was an institution that you did once, and that was it. There was no exit. Ever thought of why do people cheat? And why do people in happy relationships cheat—which is never assumed to be the case because the notion is, if you have everything you want at home, there should be no reason to go elsewhere. 

Hence, if you go elsewhere, there must be something missing. It’s a tautology. I’ve seen so many people who are not at all in bad relationships who have divorced. So, then, why has divorce not made infidelity obsolete? Questions Esther Perel as she explains brokenness the outcome of cheating in Love during her ted talk. 

It’s all because we have a misconception about love. Love is an active engagement with all kinds of feelings—positive ones and primitive ones and loathsome ones. But it’s a very active verb. And it’s often surprising to know; It’s, living, Giving, Kindness & Sharing with all ebb&flow. It’s like Sun when we think it’s disappeared but it shows up again. It’s not a permanent state of enthusiasm.

However, with changing lifestyles and more secular family-style, today’s definition of love has drastically evolved —“one person to another in love, they are the world everything to each other”.

Now, what are the wedding vows? I will wipe every tear that streams down your face before you even notice it’s going down, people are living far from reality. Says, Esther Perel. 

Why does a relationship fail?

When you seek in a person more than that they hold. You seek validation, seek help, help to achieve your wishes, your aspiration and your goals. Contact, connection, anchoring, a deep sense of admiration, it’s all that is about you. 

Contradictory ideas you try to anchor in is the debasers and give rise to dissatisfaction within and cause dispute outside. When you seek polarity; safety, belongingness, rootedness same time with adventure, change, mystery and stability. 

Yes, we grew up with them all this but we forget that we got all that from a different source. When we look at love we try to fetch out all from a person which earlier we sourced from different individuals in the family and social circle. 

This perception that the world wove around us of The One, is the disaster. When in romantic love we try to look for the perfect world, transcendence, ecstasy, anchor, meaning, wholeness where these are nowhere to find except in the perfect One that can be none other than Divine.  

The social economy of relationships that we have forgotten and the secular society, that embrace consumption and materialism. Swapping culture where vows and promise has an all-new definition far integrity vows and commitment. We often forget Maslow’s Law, that life is never about an individual but a comprehensive living in society. 

Trust is not a matter of belief and reliability but a measure of action like deleting dating apps from the phone? out of the options of as in the early era of two for three now hundreds and thousands, people in the life of your secrecy. 

The nuts and bolts of romantic life are individuality. You lost yourself and try to see yourself with the perception of your partner who loves for what you are and not for his image in you. 

How to turn the table around?

Get hold of yourself and what you will find is love. Love not only from your partner and the entire universe. You and your love are together because you guys are complete, don’t try to fetch more out of competency. What is yours, will never leave and those who left you were never yours you have to accept and believe? 

You are incapable that’s not the scene, shun away the self-doubts and live life out of confidence, self-love, faith and contentment. Don’t run around furious and disparate instead stay still, contemplate and dig heels deep, Look into the negative situation with a confident mindset and you will make out of it believe.

Hound positivity around and what you will score is endurance & sustainability all towards positivity, that proposes joy and happiness that is infectious. People love happy people more and that is the mantra, “embrace positive life and happy vibes to attract the love of the universe more.”

Though things are not always easy, life happens to us all, then adversity is the best opportunity to come out better and prove yourself better and worthy, what you need to do so is, to embrace a mindset that compels and tells, you are not brittle but bold that can shatter our self-doubts. 

Our generation is from a model where relationships, which were woven in communal structures, were very clear. The community gave us a sense of identity. You knew who you were. You knew what was expected of you, and you knew how to behave. You had a lot of certainties, a lot of belonging, zero freedom.

And we have urbanized now, and we have moved, and we have taken on radical individualism and aspirational materialism, and all of those things have created a playing field in which relationships are undergoing rapid changes. We have no idea how to handle them. 

Rules have been replaced by choices. But at the same time, we have massive uncertainty and massive self-doubt. Every second book about relationships these days is about belonging and loneliness.

you have to shun out self-doubts and embrace solidarity. You need one constant source of the belief that you are a child of the universe no less than trees and stars, you belong and you are loved unconditionally beyond infinity. You are loved to a depth beyond deep, unconditionally. Love is a very important parameter of foundation in Maslow’s law that explains what keeps one going on, motivates to not just to live by but to thrive and achieve a happy and peaceful life. 

Love that changes not for any reason; It’s constant through life. love is like the north star is to a sailor. Love does not fade with time, it is as is the polar star ever-fixed, lasts forever, Love never seeks & sacrifice.

Who can love you like this,? Such love, the expectation of “The One”, and validation in the relationship of such love is far from reality, also beyond human capacity. It’s nowhere to find, despite it being present in the one and only,” The Supreme”, the one Divine. Which is within you and we fail to see, the portion of the divine that rests in you. You are full of love and so you want to share, so much so that you expect the echo of it reflects towards you?

Ever seen sun rays, if focused towards a single core it burns out the substance.

And yes, the universe is thirsty for love and yes it’s your love, it seeks, without expectancy try to release. Understand you are infinite and when you try to focus all love and energies to one core you do injustice to the person sharing vibes, you think you are giving instead of in actuality you are consuming.

Ever seen sun rays, if focused towards a single core it burns out the substance. That is the intensity of love, sure you want to share so to prosper and not to consume, Right? Look at SUN, even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe … Look what happens with a love like that. Seek not & without expectancy share love more, Love is sacrifice.

Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe … Look what happens with a love like that. 

Believe and inculcate positive habits that help to prevail in tough times, optimism is an elixir of life. Ignorance is not good but knowing to know what to ignore is wisdom. Love yourself so much so that you endure a strong core. Promise yourself; will care for yourself more to have a stronger self & a stronger core that cares selflessly for others more. 

Inculcate habits that nurture the strength of spirit. A Positive soul proposes joy and strength for self and surroundings. To think of Self, less & to be Selfless more.

Break barriers within, let all the agony, sadness, grief, worthlessness, from the past may rush out of you just as contaminated water stored in a dam, so can new blessing of showers fill in, new mercy & rain of abundance may cease& flow free. 

All you will achieve is more satisfied more content you, a soul mate for self, not running around the world for love that is never present, never holding a broken heart. Source the inspiration from the divine and he will make you robust, gold tampered in heat that outshines. 

soulmate is your other half. A spirit that’s no stranger to your secrets, you hold no veil against it. You do not have to define your word or silence. It supplies your wants & need without you seeking. Care, unconditional Love & energy you share. It’s that portion of the divine that resides in you, that gives unconditional love and same the way you do. You never give up on him and he on you. It’s that portion of the divine that resides within you, GOD.

So stop running around the world in search of Love, you are your valentine embrace yourself your positive vibe. Be that channel of peace, that propose love amid hatred, pardon where is there is injury, faith where there is doubt and, where there is darkness shine out your light. Where is sadness spread positive vibes, a forever joy! When you light up the lamp for yourself you light up the path for others as well.

Be the channel that overflowing that give and never seek, be a valentine of not a day and for life. Be a cherish soul who need not be consoled and extend compassion to console, listen to understand rather be understood, seek not to be loved as much as to love with thy soul.  

Don’t run as a musk-deer running in the shadow of the forest mad with his perfume. The night is the night of mid-May, the breeze is the breeze of the south. Surrender to divine don’t lose & wander. Share love, not seek, for you have the heart of the universe, the world is your valentine. From the heart comes out the dances of desire for the Divine, your soulmate. Embrace the strength of spirit, Love divine, that’s your soul mate, The One and Only, The One!