Well, deep insight, sentiment, vitality, meaning and curiosity are the keys to creativity. Happiness is not something that comes readymade. You have to create it moment by moment with meaning and purpose and when you do you never do it for yourself, you do it for others sharing with them and it becomes the joy for the world and yourself.

Love is happiness and as much you share you receive. To share it more in a long term relationship you have to create it continuously and creativity is the essence. A playful game of life where the constant flow of energy is the essence that directs to meaning-making and purpose.

Ikigai is a lifestyle that you follow to live not just a happy but meaningful life. An optimum life that you create with your talent and abilities reforming self and as well transforming the environment too. It’s the meaning of life and is a reason that signifies your why your reason, why you wake up in the morning.

But each morning is never the same some mornings perhaps sunrises but soul sinks in the dark under the clouds. Ikigai impacts life in a set positive perspective, you live moment by moment in intentionality. People and things around, impact you and your health, mental and physical, your perspective building your experience. Ikigai is taking care of your entire wellbeing and environment.

Life is no just about me & myself, it’s “WE” that completes & makes it a meaningful, a worthwhile life.? How far you can stretch this “WE”, depends on your capacity of meaning-making, from your partner, friends, family to creating and impacting community society contributing to a building meaning. For a willing heart, the sky is the limit.

Choice of a life partner, the idea of “the One”, is the first link in the “WE” connection as an independent human. Ikigai is a pure vibe that takes care of energy gateways. People are energy and people close to our heart are either energy booster or drainers. Partner impacts your living and inspires your thinking.

This idea of finding “The One”, the “Soul Mate” the partner for life is quite questionable and significant for relationships. The paradox of choice creates a real sense of anxiety for people looking to find a long-term partner.

The great expectations out of a single person to satisfy all of your need that once upon a time a village used to provide. Now with the urbanisation of society and relationships our many emotional, physical, and spiritual needs are a tall order for one person to satisfy.

What people look for in a partner is a person who can satisfy all needs in the name of love. But in the present scenario, in the name of love, the world is falling apart more than never before, in name of “love”, people are distancing more, divorce happening more, mental illness, depression and secret life are on soar.

The world is broken and fragile more than never before people are at unrest, the souls in search of solace and what they achieve is wandering lust. Today together, tomorrow alone, people are looking for a new partner & new life more.

Love is about commitment but everyday new vows are made to be broken, life is about commitment, that flows till the death bed is a choice. One has to be intentional over the choice we make, they say people are the persons of the choices they made.

With the evolution of the internet, the world is in the pocket and sharing life is not seen, but swiping screen & more application, new partner list to fall in love, is the routine.

Love crises are a subject that never had attention like this before. Healing and mending souls is now a concern more. Why relationships are the major trending topic and are they on the discussion forum as was never before? People are busy in running life to earn bread to be placed on the table at night and in the race for pleasure and leisure for a good life.

Happiness is not wealth, its; Health – mental & physical that is proposed in a trustworthy & safe environment. Strong personal & professional relationships propose a healthy environment, society and community. What are we creating?

⁠Ikigai is balancing out your life, your being and your environment so you can break free from the endless cycle of fear, depression. failing relationships, greaves, poor productivity at work & life or kids care and attention that one miss in self-seeking life. All that the urbanisation of economy and lives has distorted and disparaged.

Well, the point is, if you know not what you want, you’ll never find it. If you know what you want, you will never compromise it, be unapologetically yourself.

Harvest your energy to work on ikigai setting in synchronisation the positive vibes that optimise your potential, your mental and physical health and wellbeing thrusting your environment personal and professional life and relationships.

A perfect marriage of resources, two souls that hold perfect love in hearts scaling not the difference but escalating the vibes that fuel the fire that outshines in darkness, not consume and fuels hope for a future. Poise is the source of a beautiful you, your environment, your community your future this is not a demand but a responsibility towards the future of yourself, your relationship and society.

Emotional cords are the strings where the creativity sing-song, and who wish to play a sad song? Ikigai is a shield that protects the relationship from collapsing and so your creativity and wellbeing. Divorces are rising and so is the dispersion in life, a society that is at unrest. Living Ikigai is the key to a resilient enduring life, being single or ready to mingle invoke your Ikigai.

Creating a space to evolve and explore for self, serene given to the significant other of yours creates the magic, that let love grow abundantly and endlessly. Love is not the destination, however, its a journey, journey together till the end of the breath, and works when you first learn to love and respect yourself.

As you live your ikigai and indulge in unconditional love for the universe you fuel positive energy that keeps that flame on. If seen closely, as short solitude is the key, a brief space to rejuvenate soul batteries all soaked in your goals and aspiration creating meaning which allows giving more to partners and to the relationship itself.

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Giving space to your better half is as special and important as much you need for yourself. So is the idea of “The One”, is not a fairytale, at least to me. When I see people celebrating decades of wedlock taking care of each other fueling faith hope and love for the next generation to cherish the bliss. As society scaling the wedding institution into the level of a sacred institution making meaning LOVE validates itself.

Mutual respect, love, lust and friendship are not fairytale, not to me. I want to be in love with you, in lust with you, a friend to you … it’s a multidimensional world why would I need a one-dimensional relationship? One can edify dimensions in love with evoking ikigai. And for a partner that ignites my ikigai, I am not ready to compromise and equally ready to wait till the last breath fueling passion and dreams.

“I want love, passion, honesty and companionship, fun and all emotional intimacy that derives me crazy and conversation that drives me sane. That’s the standard I’m setting. What standard are you setting? Many people make the mistake of expecting others to treat them more lovingly and respectfully than they treat themselves.”; says Motivational and life transformational coach ~ Steve Maraboli.

An honest loving caring partner is part of it. As you can create your environment so your love life. Love yourself, so to develop a stronger core so you can love others more, take care of yourself so you can care for your loved one in old years the way you did in the youthful day of age, being together in thick and thin of times. For true love is loving and not seeking, and what you send you to get it in many folds in abundance.

Respect yourself, stop expecting others to. If you don’t keep promises to yourself, stop expecting others to. Be faithful to your dreams, your goals, and your resolutions, for when you cannot be true to yourself how can you expect others to be? Ikigai is living a life of integrity, intentionality and humility proposing positivity and a respectful environment for self and others in the community.

With a little synthesis & understanding, you discover and create your own self with an amalgamation of the absolute Divine a higher self. What star you set to shoot is your set target and you would not compromise anything below it Right, likewise, we set our standards and so our life.

People always feel vitality, motivated and full of enthusiasm to catch accomplishments and goals. There is no sense of time or any thought of deviation when what one is working or living on is out of love or passion. You are full of energy when your partner is at the same frequency to share the load and when you motivate each other to carry your own loads your own cross.

Being in a bubble rejoice solace with faith hope and love creating and building a meaningful world for self and others. Be your own Valentine, invoke your ikigai. Your partner is there for you, promoting lifting you and the same you do too, being in your world inspiring how to treat you by the way you treat yourself.

The most important relationship you ever have is that you have with yourself. It is in this relationship that you set the standard for all others. Love, honesty & Companionship. When you settle for less you perhaps feel empty, incomplete and fail to feel the wonderful magic of love.

Yes, a fact, one just have to, act upon in consciousness to be the partaker of this process of love. Concede & believe that you are the creator; you create your environment and your love life. A reality that you have to create moment by moment.

When something means to you, it is for you to work towards it to cultivate and create. Set this standard and bring this magic into your life, evoke your ikigai. An abundant world, loaded with blessing and happiness you can create. The Only condition is, your intentions have to be in alignment with Love, Peace, Harmony & Mercy with unwavering Faith in Divine Energy.

The Energy which is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient, & its purpose is only creation, creation for the Greater Good of this Universe, for you and me. People can feel real ikigai only based on personal maturity, the satisfaction of various desires, love and happiness.

The synchronisation of love, truth, integrity & respect for self & for others, for culture to build future is a most important part of creativity; an attribute of the universe, its the beauty of every part of the Universe it reflects Love.

The beauty of every part of the Universe reflects Love that is both intimate and grand. Everything and everyone has the same innate, created value; the value of being part of the fabric of a loving universe. Thus, every part of creation, including each human being, and has sacred and eternal value. Love is like oxygen given by the Divine who created us only to be happy to share “One life”, in love selflessly. This evokes a sense of the value for life, that escalates with self-realization; “Life is no just about me & myself, it’s “WE” that completes & makes it a meaningful, a worthwhile life”.

Are you in search of your soul mate?