With the pep of sunrise, people dive in chasing a happy life, indulging in the day ahead, some in food, some in lifestyle, many for money, many for glamour, and many for success. Achievements and the accomplishment of commodities had become the compass of happiness. 

Many people who are not running the rat race thrive on awakening the subconsciousness being conscious and making meaning all in all, people thrive on chasing a life of contentment, solace, peace & happiness. 

Perhaps the pursuit of happiness and contentment never ends which is associated with perishable means and mediums for many. For many it’s eternal, following goals, dreams and desires that revolve around the fulcrum of a volatile world. And the cycle of race-chasing achievements and accomplishments goes on & on.  
In the vicious cycle of life and routine, one is running to earn and spend all ridiculously in delight, possibly unable to assimilate what brings solace. The pursuit of happiness never ends, what keeps people happy and healthy as they go through life is the question. 

Beyond this puzzle of a happy life and a good life, there is the life of the common woman who begins her day entirely out at a different tangent. She wakes up from dead sleep not to live but to run to chase dreams & to accomplish all that isn’t her full being. 

She rushes around from making breakfast to packing the lunch box, dropping kids at the bus stop, and defeating traffic to reach her workplace right on time while assuring all the other family members to have accomplished the target chasing rides. Life, family, and career, all in all, demand her undivided attention.

And if she fails to make her labels perfect posters as defined by the world: a wonderful daughter, a great mother, or a supporting wife? all is jeopardize… Before the world does, she declares herself a loser. The one who is left behind, “Missing out, a beat and you’ll miss out your identity”, a sword that is over her head all the time.

Her life is all about race chasing all to be priced, precisely the case of women all across the globe. She is running around to make & mark her place in the family & the professional world to maintain her said accomplishments that label her as a superwoman. An urge that when is not satisfied with what the world has defined but that is what lets her qualify as a complete woman, that’s what marks her into a perfect woman.

An affirmation that begins from a girl’s childhood days, that’s manifested in action and gets rooted in the wiring deep, soon to turn into prejudice. Her appearance, thinking, behavior, expression and mannerism, the norms, and expectations conditioned in the psyche gradually garden into her life carrying her being.

When they say, the greatest possession is self-possession, before she ever realizes she has already lost her own identity & individuality that makes her- HER, all her curious, happy, and adventurous self. Her existences are her societal labels as she is told and taught to live by and maintain even to the point of sacrificing her choices, dreams, and aspirations.

This pattern formation ends up in the chase, race becoming a number game and to be perfect becomes the source of happiness. Her locus of control, our focus of motivation, is the societal labels. As she grows from a girl to a woman.

The life that girls live and lead are beyond their desires, dreams, aspirations, and expectations. She knows not what to expect from herself. The expectations of her motivation are precursors ramifying the desire and motivation of society. Influenced by family demands and responsibilities at work. All ultimately hovering in the big space of her thinking, her being, her creativity, and her essence.

Her pivot and her axis are all external factors that automatically become volatile with changing phases of roles and relationships and time-inducing burnout, fear of failure, anxiety, and depression. Well, women’s empowerment in India isn’t now merely a topic but great provisions have been made in the Constitution of India that specifically focus on women’s empowerment and prevent discrimination against women in society.

Article 14 talks about equality before the law. Article 15 enables the state to make special provisions for women. Already Indian women are harnessing the advantage of various policies marked for women’s upliftment. With higher literacy rates and equal pay for equal work, women can thrive economically and rise out of poverty. Protecting wom en and girls from violence and abuse.

But the harsh truth is though much effort has been put to uplift the state of women to empower them socially, economically, physiologically, and in the field of education the psychological state is still under subjection.

A recent report by World Health Organisation reveals the percentage of the world population that is suffering from mental health problems and the proportion of women is more than 5%.

Well, the truth is women & empowerment remain merely talks when women’s struggles begin not at some other corner of the world but within the wall of their homes. What’s changed from centuries to now is from living, lifestyle, technology and education but not the perception of the world for women it is very much the same.

Only what has changed to rise is the load and responsibility over her shoulders, the sufferings they are facing and the number of women facing them in proportion to population growth is increasing each day. Then from the earlier 18th – 19th centuries to the present? I see the number of educated and working women on the rise. Women are working on great jobs/profiles but then equally quitting too.

What is rising is the pressure, roles and responsibilities over her shoulders from professional to personal all in all supporting her being. As she tries to stretch her wings seeking her portion of the sky to soar high reaching for her aspiration and dreams she is judged.

How will she thrive when she barely can be by her side? 

The thing is, she owns her own substance her own being,

Nay pulled by strings or to be people pleasing,

Mover shaker of peoples’ subjection? instigation or instincts. 

But dancing on the tune of Divine,

Following her bliss her calling, Her being flying soaring high.

What she seeks isn’t greatness or tags or prize but a lending ear, generous eyes, an understanding heart and an open mind of the society & family all who love her in her being. Those who can comprehend… it’s not sovereignty she chases but gaiety, gentleness, grace, kindness, respect, love, acceptance & belongingness. A space to be herself to live by her choices.

Women carry the soul of butterflies & her heart is an incandescent mountain igniting her path. Her eminence passes through many phases with changing roles & stages of life. She rises from crises to catharsis, pain to hope, gloom to gaiety & connotation to comfort being all loving, resilient, and tolerant weaving a personality with vivid hues of happiness.

She does not let her heart sink into the trouble of life but holds on to the hidden treasure of her being that makes her heart into a mountain of hope. Being fragile, and gentle like a butterfly she carries the silence of the universe, patience, simplicity, and prudence all in her being fluttering catching up with the flow of life.

Her whims challenge fate, Seeking freedom & solace. 

Caged bearing the weight, Of the paperweight. 

Sometimes whimsies for paper’s sake, 

That’s pressed in the weight of a paperweight. 

Nay discourages but being brave, 

To be herself, for her being.

Who else then free her if ain’t she?

But societal subjection freezes her and cages her into bias and prejudices implying the weight of the paperweight, pressing her white paper of desires, aspirations, and dreams. She wants her freedom & the free world to live by her choices. To take her own decisions, make her own mistakes, and learn from them for her own sake.

To be what she is, the way she is, and the way she wants to be. Now, even after centuries, the voice of women still goes unheard & her plights are unseen. Human rights and necessities are considered privileges. She’s caged in the bars of stereotype mindset, perceptions, permissions, and conditions implied by family and the patriarchal society. Who else free her, if ain’t she for her own sake?

She needs love and not judgment, she needs to be confident and believe in herself, her swagger, and her light that can light the world. To be the change maker the mover & shaker, a weaver of her own destiny looming lapping in the terminal and the tapestry of her own beauty creating a beautiful world all in its sham drudgery, and broken dream, believing it’s a beautiful wonderful world.

The greatest possession is self-possession, and her possession is her quality of being calm and in control of her emotions. Women have an extra edge in emotional intelligence. She is someone who’s particularly poised & can be described as self-possessed. It’s a hard quality to fake, but a worthwhile one to aspire to, and that is when other people tend to consider her persona, her substance, and not just a person when she is self-possessed.

It is achieved not through controlling ourselves or others, but through recognizing how we unwittingly cede power to others and then ceasing this ceding. The act of possessing not others but owns, ownership, control of your calm, confidence, and holding your own horses. It’s when you can have a heightened sense of awareness to know when and how you should care for yourself and others, what to hold, and what to let go.

What a woman needs is just a spark of light that ignites her mountain heart with incandescence, and then her confidence is enough to soar her to heights lighting the dark skies. A reminder that she owns her wings to fly not to be confined or concealed. Yes, she can break the glass ceiling, taking up a flight as she chases her aspirations, desires, her calling her dreams being rooted in humility & kindness. An awareness, to come up into action as she dusts her wings by herself flapping lapping rallies of success.

You are your brand that is more than just a logo or catchy tagline. It’s the story you tell through your actions, values, principles, and expertise. Building a strong personal brand that aligns with your goals and values to stand out in a crowded pulling, leveraging the digital world, and transforming annotations into action is a coup towards accomplishments. You can make it not just for yourself but for the women of the world, building gender equity, equality, and a free world.

When you move to take action for your betterment you pave a path for other women to follow, when you break the glass ceiling you fuel other women with confidence. For when you can be sure they can too create a free equal world. 

I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected for all of my femaleness because I deserve to be.” —Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, writer

Females are the most beautiful, gorgeous creatures in the whole world. And I think that we are gorgeous no matter what size we are.” —Alicia Keys

“You don’t have to be masculine to be a strong woman.” —Mary Elizabeth

Women Need Education, Not Judgment!