Communication plays an essential role in a successful relationship. And it works for those who work on It. 

We connect with people because it makes us happy and excellent communication is key to a positive interaction. 

Discussion embraces the sense of connectivity and belongingness and hence a healthy communication is necessary. The conversation goes wrong when the message we send or receive is hardly just factual information.

In any relationship communication with the willingness to listen is essential, with an understanding ear. Observation without being judgmental is also necessary. 

Hidden emotions are the cause of arguments, and so it’s required to communicate feelings and thoughts with the expression of need.
Communication is “simple but not easy” it can take some time to get you into it right but later will find connection becomes a lot clearer, tells Rosenberg.

 You are accepting your partner with all their flaws and asking them in a nonviolent way for what you need to be happy is simple but not easy.

Timely communication may not always happen as decided leading long gaps in contact with a partner leading to negative thinking which becomes the cause of unhealthy connection. 

Learning about thinking traps and coping them may be the best remedy when your emotional response does not match with the importance of the situation. 

The way to come out of thinking trap is to recognize first, to work on it. Once you have realised what is happening you are ready to pull yourself out of the downward spiral of negative thoughts which disrupts communication.

Facts are facts, and you cannot change it. So, insisted on involving violent communication, shift your focus to take mindful activities.