Well, it’s officially cut off to call out wishing Happy New Year, it’s also the first Friday of the season, a happy juncture to the very first weekend to speed up to new beginnings. With the change of the calendar year, from a new date, a new sunrise, new aspiration, new hopes to a new resolution to new goals. 

Are you finding it difficult to cope with too much of the newness that the world is demanding?

Building pressure is reciprocating? Your mind building its defense mechanism to continue to stay tangerine rusting playing tantrums with each passing day melting down resolutions to freeze in the comfort zone, adding to the agony is changing weather a catalyst in keeping you pin down to the pillow. 

Your mind is playing games creating confusion yeah, it’s painful to see resolutions collapsing because of procrastination when you wish to work on your dreams, but you can’t and even can’t comprehend why?

When they say knowing the way is one thing and following it is another, what makes things difficult are the shenanigans of your mind? It’s the enemy that isn’t outside but within. A dangerous territory where nothing fruitful grows is your comfort zone. And to come out of it… Who can help you? None but you alone! 

People are made through a tough times. Time & compassion & care, intelligence, power, or strength one can share only when you have it within. So make yourself your biggest project sharing same compassion & care for yourself too.

Look for Something Bigger, what could be a reason for you than yourself? 

Set personal goals and take one step at a time before the comfort turns into stress and finally fumbles you down in panic. To fight and come out first one has to identify what is the comfort zone. 

How to identify that you are in your comfort zone?

Well, the first and foremost needed is honesty with self. Do Not Lie to yourself, this will help to comprehend, that every day is repetitive, and each day the to-do list holds the same items. Every day you end up carrying forwards a few tasks that are the same from one day to another.

And that’s the glitch that’s stopping you to get going. 

Be smarter to smart out your mind. Add some flavors… something extra, an outdoor stroll, time reading on the balcony or spending time gardening, tapping on to music that makes you happy, and looking at the other thing around. 

Perhaps with each passing year, there is an increase in pressure, be it social or physiological. The truth is time and again pain and pleasure have remained constant, but what has changed is the response of humanity and the level of tolerance. 

Evolving Science and technology have brought convenience and a mentality of instant gratification. The moment you become intolerant to the shenanigans of your brain contemplating that you don’t want to operate on an automatic mode as you did earlier, you’ll stop carrying forward all the baggage into this new year. Yes, your awareness becomes a tool to crack the conditioning that turns tangerine.  

It’s under pressure & panic you ride horses it evoke motivation but ain’t this a good practice for feeling and emotions not remain constant always. Motivation you may not get every day and so you have to work from the place of faith, self motivation and efficacy. Evoke faith in your higher and disciplined self that thrusts life forward. 

If your resolutions are imposing pressure on you? it’s good! Don’t fool yourself by calling them burnout. New goals and new resolutions can be achieved when one thinks diligently and act accordingly. Frustration, tiredness, stress, and fatigue are mind games, that the mind project to keep you in your comfort zone. 

The beginning of the new year brings new energy, new meaning new dreams and aspirations that demand new you, that’s capable and set on to soar to optimism and positive life.

Does this too much “NEW” scare you? Is it making you run through to break a leg? All to find yourself left behind or out of trend because you feel you have done too little, given much of yourself in roles and responsibilities and still you are not getting the results.

What if I tell you the problem you are facing is a genuine and common problem for millions of people like you? And the reason isn’t your overdoing or over-performing? It’s because you aren’t able to do your fullest, not able to directing energy in the right direction, you are doubting yourself and your potential?  

Remember it’s not about energy but applying energy in the right direction that bring results. 

And this is equally true that control is much an illusion and so it is important to comprehend if you wish to achieve you do have to set hairy audacious goals for yourself in action and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t done this ever before. What you have to do is, to turn the switch within in synchronization with the oneness of your mind body ‘n soul and your audacious goals. 

Believe in yourself first, let then your goals may lead you swiftly and gently unfolding the days months ‘n year all imbue in the hues of viva ‘n courage, your hard work, strategies, enthusiasm, light and love. 

Life expands or shrinks with your courage. And when you take care of yourself physically, your fitness marks the effects. You are healthier mentally and physically eventually you are taking more action towards betterment, walking the talk, and defeating procrastination. 

Your cognitive health helps to gain functional insight. You plan big and do not hesitate to set a vision as you strategise your days and goals in the tone of your blueprint. The health and glow that body reflects is the outcome of all chemicals that were once used to cause all sickness when were unbalanced and aimless. 

Discover what makes you happy. Reading, writing, teaching, arts, or whatever. Try and develop ways to make it your mainstream passion so you can earn money too out of it. For when you are healthier you evoke abundance in all aspects of your life. 

Exercise Regularly

Eat healthily 

Sleep as much that is necessary

Don’t push get yourself out there 

Practice self-care: embrace solitude

Read Good books

walk the talk

Take responsibility for the energy you bring to the table. 

More than the time value your energy for time is limited energy is exponential. 


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