The soul prospers from the heart, not from Brain! 

Happy New Year 2020


A change in the calendar date, a new year, same ambience still change is all around. All is new, so what changed- what changed actually? The change is in the perspective and the mindset, a new positive you, new energy with this new year.  

This is how we want a new year to be, as it approaches and we see the world around us evolving to be better. To be more developed, to be extra prosperous and life does so as that is the element of the universe. Eventually, we all do change following the pace of Cosmos. 

Billions of years are gone and billions of years are yet to come, what is constant is the change, the perennial that we follow and cannot ordain. Time teaches that one has to live to finite in this infinite world, receiving new that each day offers with the break of a new day, with the rising of the Sun.

Letting go of the past extracting lessons that incarnate one to lead better a new day, a new you, and eventually a new life. Collection of days forms a year, the scale of one ranging from the learning experiences and transforming that experiences to build each day a new one. You manifest the quality of your life and the extended years, it is all in you to do so, make a day, a year a new life.

With the bang of the bells, the world is revolutionized, eloping and manifesting new resolutions, embracing changes that are sure to produce value. Such expectations set much pressure on you to contemplate what to do. what not to do?

Kindle desire to take some actions to reform so you may not be left behind in the world evolving quite at a fast pace. However, desire is the dragon that one needs to learn to ride well. Directionless and unrealistic desire is the cause of dissatisfaction and eventually become the peace sealers.

Here is my guide for you to evaluate and contemplate what & how to be in synchronization with the changing world, being grounded soaring, and reaching for the stars. Not to be a copy but to be a unique ‘you’, all at Peace & Happy attaining and affirming in action a strong & fierce you. 

 Be water, my friend, asserts Bruce Lee, not a stale in the state, but be in the flow. Taking up resolutions that do help one to develop not just in social or financial growth but majorly mentally.



When your work is not just a task, but a purpose that drives passion and love, reaping inspiration from heart and soul towards that purpose, all in sync with the energy, the outcome of such efforts is exemplary, far more unequaled.

The reason for the attainment of the task in nearness to perfection happens to owe to the essence of the joyous soul that influences mind, body and spirit. 

The efforts towards accomplishment with this mindset never drain in vain, towards gaining the focus, rather it triggers the best outcome and happens when you are in the flow, in the present moment in love for your actions towards the task. 

Any activity which a person performs and is fully engaged in with a calm, expels a sense of positive energy & focus creating full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity and so pertains listlessly.

In essence, flow is characterized by the complete absorption in what one does, the resulting transformation that let one lose the sense of time. Consider the enjoyment that (eg.) you experience while watching a favourite television series, you just lost in the time.

Likewise pleasurably absorbed by one such assignment that does impact the financial or physical benefits detriment the overall assignment exemplary. Contemplate, invoke your Ikigai. Know yourself better and it will be Dawn, a new day, a new life every day.

Sure this will be helpful for you further to catch up with the flow;Invoke your IKIGAI!