And we are here again, in the month of march, all ready to march in togetherness with the women of the world. Celebrating the glorious narratives of her empowerment. To inspire to be inspired, to follow to lead, to tell to listen to all the unique euphoric moments. 

Whatever long, short, or tall tales women will transcript to the future generation, young girls inspiring them? To dream, to believe to achieve to never give up on their dreams, all that fuel reason and meaning to her existence. Creating new narratives shaking – moving the world and paving the path for all. 

Anecdotes of millions of women, her journey of success being a caregiver to women in the world of defense. The journey of her rise from vexed to victorious, from bewitched to the beautiful, from the cervix to curves, from the lens of the world to her own eyes, all that’s between the nature and the nurture of the one who suffers everything to nature the world rising shining singing her glory all by herself the birther the synonym of springs. 

Well, this is the objective of the month of March, so women come from across the world marching together to spread awareness on the journey of her growth, development, and empowerment. And all that happens when she believes in herself bringing change affirming: 

“When I can, so you too can”. 

A constant change to continue all the time, all the places catching up with the pace to carry forward the baton of fire with a fierce spirit-sustaining loop each year-round. And indeed the circle is widening and million more women are joining in, from places wherever they are, from inside the wall of their homes, or while setting up new ventures offshore. Bringing not just meaning to their existence but also building their equity and worth in the world of finance and economics for now it’s all DigiTALL. 

Women’s empowerment is promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. And now it’s also about monetizing her talents, ability, and understanding of the world of finance, and talking about not just equality but equity. She has established herself in all social, educational, economic, political, and psychological streams, but still social empowerment is one field where she needs to drive attention and uplifting. 

From women fighting to end child marriage to women demanding equal pay, to women teaching other women to love their bodies regardless of shape, colour, or size, women are empowering women all over the world.

A single moment can spark a revolution, collective actions can transform laws, creative expression can change attitudes and an invention can alter the life of women and the course of history too.  

It’s these threads that weave together to propel the women’s movement even in the face of obstacles. This is how big and small narratives have shaped the lives of present days women and girls, worldwide from the days of history to now.

From breaking the shekel of slavery to soaring heights traveling galaxies, to serving in combat roles, indignant to top diplomats women are marking their presence and substance. 

The point to ponder is why women’s rights & freedom and to live by their choice are struggles still. Why has she is been struggling from equity to equality?

Well if I say: why do men hold the keys to supremacy? wouldn’t be wrong!

Once Steve Roller Stated: Resist the same, or as his copy chief Roy Whittier put it, “In advertising, the beginning of greatness is to be different, and the beginning of failure is to be the same… 

I am beyond bewildered to discover & express the secret to banishing the agony of women from generation to generation fighting for their place, rights, presence, and choice in this male, dominated world against males. What she does need is to change her stance… to think outside of the ongoing scenario and patterns!!  When we advocate for the equal standing of both men and women in terms of desires, wants goals, and achievements. Thus, from this viewpoint, the basis of human nature outside of culture is androgynous, neutral, and equal.

When you ask: Why women are still struggling for their place in society and their rights when there is no difference in talent, abilities, and capabilities between her & men? Why the difference is in the opportunities, belief systems, and long-intended culture and the inability of people to break free from the conditioning of long old centuries?

Well, this question set me on a roller coaster ride. That did set me to dig deep into history and the revelations are far beyond scary! To the state of women now and what they had gone through and were forced to do? Set a shiver run down my spine. 

What blew the mind is the study conducted in the 19th century by anthropologist Marvin Harris. 

His research paper narrates the reason for: Urge for Men’s supremacy or the dominance of men over women. Setting up the scenario based on the evident studies from the evolutionary level of need for physical strength and traits to the role and responsibility of men and women than to now changing gradually with the preference of psychological strengths. 

The conditioning  of mind from the day of evaluation of societies, the era of bands and villages, the era of wars and fights. When people used to fight in combat. Later the phase of arms and ammunition to the present world development of psychological wars to the war of drones as weapons.  

What recent feminist writers have failed to realize is that this entire complex of male supremacists, plus the very definition of “feminine” as passive and “masculine” as aggressive, can be deduced from one fact: Virtually all band and village societies engaged in warfare in which males were the principal if not exclusive combatants. ~ Marvin Harris

Throughout prehistory as well as during more recent epochs, warriors fought battles exclusively with spears, clubs, bows and arrows, and other muscle-powered weapons. Under these conditions, the greater average strength and height of the human male which can be traced back to our primate ancestry became critically important. 

Military success, and hence the life and death of whole communities, depended on the relative number of aggressive brawny men who were psychologically and physically prepared to risk their lives in combat.

In preparation for their combat roles, males were taught competitive sports such as wrestling, dueling with spears, and racing with heavy weights. Masculinity was also instilled by subjecting boys to intense physical ordeals such as circumcision, trials of stamina, deprivation of food and drink, and drug‐induced hallucinatory encounters with supernatural monsters.

To get males to risk their comfort and their lives in behalf of perfecting a powerful system of rewards and punishments was needed. Ostracism was the punishment; sex was the reward. Those who best endured the trials of boyhood and the rigors of combat were rewarded with wives and concubines. Something that led to preferring a healthy male/female as a child preference.

This revelation is beyond belief but history suggests this was the way of our ancestors and this is how we sojourned from generation to generation. I am in the awe of the woman who took courage strength and resilience for her motherhood, for her child… to be at their side protecting her life and not to murder them suffocating to death laying over for sake of saving her life, to secure her palace in the family and society when it was common culture to sacrifice the life of weaker child irrespective of gender. 

The weak child was seen to become a burden on the band and village as they had to travel and conquer new territories writing the narrative of survival of the fittest. We are in awe of men equally as of those women. men who set by her side “mothers”, saving the lives of children when the fight was not about saving the fetus but the child irrespective of gender. 
The present tolerance/intolerance of/for abortion has its roots back in centuries of tolerance of infanticide, which later turned into especially female infanticide in form of coping with sufficient food and supplies environmental needs, and population increase.
Then the issue was not the right of the fetus to live but the right of the child to survive. But the rights of neither child nor fetus can be understood apart from the cultural history of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination, that the women went through based on gender. 
The guiding principle of male chauvinism has always been that women are responsible for population pressures and that women and children should be punished for reproductive errors and the unintended consequences of sexual intercourse. In my opinion, the current opposition to abortion is the same: Stated anthropologist Marvin Harris In his research work. 

Isn’t it a revelation the strength of women to be mothers was a set tool to keep them & their place and power being the partners of society performing infanticide? Now in the present era, she grew to be brave and bold year after year fighting for the prevention of her portion to establish herself and her coming generation as a whole. Especially in the present era when girls are in no way considered lesser than men when life is about equal subjection, psychological or physical. 

Survival isn’t a challenge anymore she is the protector of not the “fetus” but raises a child in her capacity in her power becoming a provider of the way of life. Once she raised men with a preference to secure her place & power, to combat and now she has the opportunity to raise them to be protectors & partners

With the evolution and advancement of science & technological development, there remains no stream of profession or life where women are not marking their presence by glorifying their presence in togetherness alongside men. 

Women, we are a winner to be,

Divine feminine the creator nurturers of life. 

We led reforms then we can lead reforms now,

We were weak and then bound in prejudice,

Misogyny, sexism & fascism? are no more NOW.

When free and empowered, break the psychological boundaries,

Live not just for yourself, but fight for yourself and others too.

Limiting self within the wall of home but now building home too, 

Once we seek protection, and now we are the protector of life. 

As we march to celebrate our history and our future we mustn’t forget the present direction we are heading…. toward liberation, freedom & Life!

When you move to take action for your betterment you pave a path for other women to follow, when you break the glass ceiling you fuel other women with confidence. For when you can be sure they can too create a free equal world. 

I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected for all of my femaleness because I deserve to be.” —Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Success Is Different For Everyone!