People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things


Harmony with self is the key to a happy soul!

Humankind is a reflection of Body, Mind and Soul. A perfect sink of these three together within reflects out a peaceful soul. A happy and success full being, which is a critical factor for a successful and happy relationship. Peace attracts the similar sense creating a positive social environment for the development of harmonious relations.
Peace in self brings  immense happiness. And by being in harmony with yourself, one can welcome peace in life and  all that goodness heart desires. I’m not talking about perfection here. Attainment of perfection is sometimes that may bring chaos with it many a times, because  to maintain what achieved in perfection cost  compromise with self and later brings  regret .  Harmony is a different thing – reaching excellence in everything we do and seeking for the ideal in a balanced manner.
Happiness and being at peace is not about perfection but its about maintaining a balance between body, mind and soul. Harmony is altogether is another thing. It’s not unidirectional however bilateral and is not forced on self but comes naturally. Its happiness, to bring satisfaction, completeness, acceptance, peace, fulfillment and awareness of self.  So, if you too want to attain harmony within self try the following mantra suggests Master Shan.
To achieve harmony, one needs to follow the surrounding, the thing which are  never new to us but goes unnoticed. Small attention to these details can help one to become the best version of self.
Fight the fear out. Fears are our worst enemy, and so overcome it, and start your journey to success by attaining harmony.
Invest mind, time and patience to efforts and see the change. Get the clear sketch of your existence and where you want to lead. Not alone for self but, with those you care.
Accept and be thankful for what you have in common together, had and have done. And foremost important be grateful.
Learn to listen to your mind. It has a lot to tell you, but this can happen only if you look at it, ask questions and respect it.
There are various methods and  techniques of meditation which includes body and mind relaxation, concentrating one’s  thoughts and letting to listening to consciousness.If you do meditation to clear your mind, then after a few sessions and a lot of patience and focus, amazing things can happen.So try to practice meditation.
 Respect your desires and needs. What gives come in is the principle of life so remember, give to get.  Do things for your sake love. Love your self and take full responsibility for your actions for the things.
 Learn to move on, holding on to past inculcates terrible memories which kills positive vibes and harmony so move on without regrets. Learn to love your body and then make it better. Surround yourself with good people and environment.

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