Now when you Know, You Are The Maker of Your Own Destiny & the point of view is clear to you. Now, have to embark the final countdown defining the direction, the journey & the goal; The Final Destination. 

Gazing eyes loaded with dreams, consciousness transverse the zenith. The gateway of endless possibilities, you are creating your reality. Your mind and body are not separate from the environment but, an envelope of pulsating power surrounds your body constantly.

This sea of vast energy interacts with the consciousness and perhaps is the formative force that forms and reforms your environment, your journey, your goal; your destiny. The synchronised energy of your Mind, Body & Soul is the threshold energy that set you to break-free from stereotype finite mindset to an infinite mentality. 

Stretching & Strengthening the belief system, that you can achieve what you dream while working on-in reality? If any from the trio; Mind_Body_Soul; suffers or is injured, it’s difficult to carry on in synchronised and harmonious way towards goal. 

The research of the new age draws a clear blueprint explaining phenomena of life energy. From extrasensory perception & spiritual healing to the collective consciousness that impacts mind-body-soul and so, your environment your life & your goals. The count down is the destination, the journey is the goal. 

The life energy scientifically called the zero-point energy, and we have known about it from ages. The theory of morphic fields, tells us that everything is connected to everything else by an unending ocean of zero-point energy, covered by morphic fields of embedded information. “Fact is you were never alone, you are part of a whole”, Alone you can do little & together can achieve more. Fact is you are never alone & you are, part of Grater Whole

Zero-point energy is the scientific evidence for the innate sense that we are not separate but were always part of a greater whole. The connection between life energy/zero-point energy and information evokes formative force. 

If this formative force connects to matter, a life form originates & the ecosystem all evolved into a higher degree of biodiversity. Similarly, this happens to societies and the development of culture. 

Consciousness means the state of being aware of your surroundings. Evoking and encouraging the mental abilities to shift the mindset so to perceive, think differently. And to have a higher level of intelligence & creativity, mastering communication and harnessing the collective and the good of the whole system is the power of a conscious mind summoning destiny.  

As now you know the way, what you need is, to take up the track following it persistently. Doing the right things that sets one to break the pattern of failing energy. 

From the loop of Rising, Fall, Injuries, Trauma, Silence & Recoveries, only to fall again & again into the trap of the wrong pattern formation. One has to disrupt & divert the pattern making, drawing new possibilities, a count down counting right to the Final, the Right Destination. 

Cherish the Bliss, evoke your Higher Order Thinking, HOTs; Embrace life, living a full life, the fact is; the way is the goal, follow the right patterns that embark the journey to the Final Destination.  

How to evoke your HOTs?

When you change by shifting consciousness where attention goes & energy flows, being Mindful & in Nomindness in/through the moment you propose full life.  

  • Chose Intentions that nurture, Body Mind & Soul soaked in Oneness of Divine. 
  • Identify & Face the corrupt ways within/outside to block & shield. 
  • Evoke Symphony of Love, Healing, Service, Grace & Peace. 
  • Indulge in meditation with a keenness to explore and discover what is going on in the whole system, through retreat, stillness, silence and reflective inquiry practices.

How to endure Mindfulness, being no-minded & composed in this disruptive, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous world? By staying diligent in intention and integrity choosing in between likely and can be the most useful, imaginative, creative and intelligent set of responses during difficulties. 

  • Embrace no mindedness, wonder and curiosity, being intentional in manifesting your needs. Be attentive to what happens in the world both inside-outside. 
  •  Evolving in higher consciousness, allowing it to develop and emerg that interrupts the conventional ways of delivering results, but not forcing them & allowing them to bloom self. 

Connect with the world with an open heart & mind assimilating at the same time the patterns, emerging trends and diversion in the behaviour of self and the whole system. 

With a paradox lens, establish a connection, not incumbent mind but flexible that perhaps cognate the nine-dot while not out ruling the building block.  

  • Be creative peep into the nook and crooks, emerging openings and cracks embracing ideas while keeping the virtue of integrity, intention, compassion attached. 

Sustainable valuable outcomes are what we thrive for, through which one can develop in life, Harmony, Love and peace for self and the surrounding system. 

When we change by shifting #consciousness, we begin to dance between what we know & what is unknown, & it is through this #dance we create a threshold that makes meaning of the world & energy sets us #Breakfree

Making the unknown knowable, the unconscious conscious, and the invisible visible, unlocking the endless possibilities. A neurological process, evolving the full body to bloom with mindfulness, being nomind and selfless.

The only condition is, ur intentions have to be in the alignment of Love Peace Harmony  With unwavering Faith in Divine Energy, The Omnipresent, Omnipotent & Omniscient, its purpose is creation.

  • Cultivate Curiosity and No-Mind. 
  • Embracing the urge to comprehend why, How, what.
  • Boosting the ability to make & break the mental frames rapidly, without feeling lost or frenzy. Keeping the values up and compassion, kindness, unconditional love as core and you shall make out through this a VUCA world. 

Embrace No-mindedness; Until a person is in the loop of rising & fall, pain and pleasure, their energy is bound to the reasons that set to see things in the light of silent judgement and condemnation flows, though within you alone. Perhaps not proposing emotions of anger, fear, or ego but builds perception under the silhouette of restricted energy.

No – mindedness is that state of mind, where you do not detach from the environment or energy, however, your inner self is truly free-loving selflessly with openness to the environment & energy. Your actions are in synchronisation to the meaning-making and purpose. A state of mind that truly set one free from the traps, tactics & techniques to influence the outcome.

A free spirit & ready to move forward focused towards the purpose. Only to follow the dictates of the subconscious, awaking the qualities that help creativity to flow & flourish simultaneously interrupting the old patterns that were the barries. 

Now, you are ready to encompass qualities; consciousness, pre consciousness, states and qualities of mind, cognitive skills, heart and gut intelligence helping creativity to flourish. And to dispel the barries creating new you, new life, awakening, connecting you to the Divine Energy tapping into the wider collective intelligence and so your Destiny.