Your Perception, From Darkness To Light, Is The Way To Transcendence. People will judge you no matter what you do, and so you too are going to do it on the basis of your perception of the outcome of your life experiences, a proposition that weighs higher on the scale of life.

Society is shaped by the relationships between people and people who judge. Some will criticise, many will complain, some will compare & some all in sophistication & intellect inspection comment that they do not condemn. All are based on their exposure, encounters and experiences. 

The intention perhaps seems different, the outcome is the same. Judgmental behaviour or evaluation is human behaviour. Rarest of rare are the people, who are the guiding light & show you the true you all without the judgmental attitude.

People who show and reflect only light, your dim or strong side, they correct you but not judge, again the cause of their this behaviour is the outcome of their perspective that proposes out of their exposure, encounters and life experiences. 

People who are Victors, who have blown up the trumpet of success with positive perception and attitude over time. Who has seen the darkest of nights and still hold positive perception with unwavering faith, in the power is light. Are people with an optimistic attitude and don’t waste time in perception building to judge others.

Holding on to unwavering faith, being firm with positive perception out of the experience, ” The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”. Again the outcome is due to persistence in Faith, Hope and Love in this belief. Proposing positivity and happiness out of exposure and life experiences., a journey from darkness to light, Transcendence become a testimony. 

Collection or series of small achievements build Faith & hope in optimistic perception and We rise to big achievements.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” – Helen Keller

In this loop of life, loss & gain are persistent, & then the journey of loneliness to the moment of solitude sets one to review, making more certain the narratives of experiences with firm and determined mind beaming towards light over time. To sense and see, synchronisation of peace, love & harmony is a success an outcome of positive perception.

Bending towards true, clear & authentic self, introspecting, correcting, reverberating & achieving positive outcomes. And hoping the same for others is a positive life.

The Life of people is the product of their perception that they hold about themselves and so are considerate and are the creator of a compassionate environment. No matter where, amid the valley or over the mountain, they build a beautiful world. 

Know, You Are The Maker of Your Own Destiny!