Do you know, you have the power to shape your world & this World too?

Yes, a fact, one just have to, act upon in consciousness to be the partaker of this process. Concede & believe that you are the creator; you create your environment and, you are not the product of your environment. 

An abundant world, loaded with blessing and happiness you can create. The Only condition is, your intentions have to be in alignment of Love, Peace, Harmony & Mercy with unwavering Faith in Divine Energy. The Energy which is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient, & its purpose is only creation, creation for the Greater Good of this Universe. 

Everything is ONE, everything holds this Divine Energy, the power that drives world & binds in intentionality. This energy also the building block of you and me. What privilege of Power & Responsibility. Let Positivity flow creating Peace, Love, Harmony & the Destiny you desire.

It may seem difficult for you to comprehend, but with attention and consciousness, you can make this possible. You just have to push your limits of compiling and defragmenting cognitive skills, affirming healing & happiness. 

We all want to be happy and wish good in our lives and for others. And how fascinating is to know with little of insight we can make dreams into reality? 

Since ages this is human nature, things that one see, touch and feel, the basis of joy they fail to relish chasing novelty. Then this is also the human nature, deep desire to learn, exponential ability to cognate, problem-solving, being creative, contemplating, collecting of knowledge to evolve to thrive. 

  • How the World, is one?
  • How the energy of the Universe, is one?
  • How we are interwoven & connected?
  • How our energy impacts others and vice versa?
  • How can you create your environment?

To all the above question, the answer is ONE. Match up your vibes with the Energy that is the essence of the Universe. Seek inside you and you will find the life that the Universe is offering, you hold it too to create.  

Indian ancient Vedic philosophy explains the human body is made up of the same matter that is of the matter of Earth. According to the theory of five elements, the human body also constitutes of five elements & is a small model of the universe in itself. 

Vedic scriptures explain the Universe is made up of Water, Earth, Fire, Air & Space ie “Ether”. The properties of these elements are important to understand the balance and imbalance in the human body and the Universe. 

Earth manifests rigidity and solid sense. As we see the soil stands in strength against the wind, heat & water so is our body. Bone, Blood, cells and tissue are the physical elements that enable the flow of blood and oxygen. 

Air is the gaseous state of substance which is dynamic and we cannot see it but we can feel it. We breather air and our lives depend on it. How important is this matter that we cannot see?

Its power in visuals as one can see in for of windfall or hurricane, typhoon or storms, a tiny block to windpipe cost a persons life. This is the power of the air and reveals how fundamental, as we breathe the pure oxygen it break downs and supply energy to our body. 

Water signifies flow and the cycle of evaporation, condensation & rain, the transformational nature. It flows through the solid, like rock, mountains, valleys retaining its peace finally to disappear in the sea. 

River as it flows dissolve in itself the soil and nutrients of the earth, and also replenish life as it flows through giving rise & meaning to economics, trade and exchange of information and culture, similar to the role of blood in our body. 

Blood & other fluids inside our body moves in between cells and vessels carrying energy, carrying away wastes, regulating temperature, disease flow & exit management and hormonal information happens with this flow of the fluids. 

Fire powers transform weather, the phenomenon of flow of winds and water cycle is an outcome of heat and so is responsible for the weather cycle. The power of the sun is the reason for Life on Earth. The food chain satisfies and proposes pleasure in living beings. 

The function of heat in the body is to bind the atoms, our molecules together; converting food into fat & muscles ie the energy that creates impulse and neurons in our body & brain & so the flow of feelings, thought process and action. Fire is a form without substance. 

Space- Ether. The distance between objects where everything happens is called space. From miles of distance on earth to the distance between galaxies, or the distance between the heart-mind and body, as blood moves or fetus formation takes place in minora, its space, ” light or enormous” where major things generate.  

In dimensional terminology, subatomic concepts cannot be measured and are think of in relativity. The human body holds the whole of the miniature Universe in its being. Thing present within you the solid substance, & the flow of power. 

Everything is energy, and everything is connected to everything else. The water in the ocean and the clouds in the sky. The trees and animals, you, me, and the world around us. Everything comes from the same source and returns to it. 

The elements of the universe as our body are the same. Air, Water, Fire, Ether & Earth, everything hold energy. Thoughts and feelings are energy as well, so everything we think and feel influences everything and everyone on this planet. 

The Solid substance matter present around us too holds and allow the flow of energy. At this moment as I am typing, my phone, the car am travelling on my way to Hosangabad, the road, the extended land covered with the lush green grass, the trees in the vicinity. 

The mountains, breeze, kiss of light, the wind that is dashing the hills all is intact, though loss apart in space. In & through I see, incoherent numbers of phenomenon experiencing Energy, though separate & with a unified whole. A great Responsibility to propose Positive Vibes Only.

See the beauty of life. With the good insight of quantum, people can be happier and lead a peaceful positive life, Just with tuning in with the energy of Divine. 

Earlier its was supposed with the discovery of molecules and atoms, scientist considered that solid is bound with the solid particles between molecule to molecule. For a long time after the discovery of molecules and atoms in the 17th century, scientists assumed that molecules and atoms consisted of solid particles. 

But according to quantum physics, THE GIFT OF recent findings there are no “Particles”, per se: Energy is the basis of particles & its DUAL reality. Every type of particle concealed of as a quantum vibration in a field: Electrons vibrate in electron fields, protons vibrate in a proton field, and so on. 

The matter is one as appears solid, the dynamic tissue of vibrating fields intact with the binding energy compact though loosely apart. Because mind rules over matter, we create our reality. Our thoughts, our consciousness is the energy and influences our body & surrounding. This energy shapes & keeps us loosely apart still, intact as one. 

The Difference Between Energy and Information

Morphic fields are the script matrix conceding information vibrating in its range. This rang is interconnected to the inline matter and so on. Information goes into form and becomes matter. 

Like an incarnation, where the spirit manifests as in human form, the information does the same, it becomes form. Understand like this; If you cannot read, the information in the book you cannot digest into energy that acts. 

Same time if you can read, ” a script which a form of ‘matter’ when your consciousness interacts with this form of matter, it becomes the life matter ie Life Energy with direction & intention to act upon. 

Energy and information are not the same, they have different properties. Take this example; When you are unable to hear on television transmission the voice of presenter, you raise the volume, this is adding on energy. But adding this energy does not changes the information. 

If you buy a book, you purchased information, now if you do not have time & energy to read this book, it will not lead to the formative force.  

Formative ForceThe amalgamation of consciousness information and energy gives birth to the formative force the life-energy. A book is a form of information when you read being conscious information transforms into energy, the formative force. 

The life energy scientifically called the zero-point energy, and we have known about it from ages. The theory of morphic fields, tells us that everything is connected to everything else by an unending ocean of zero-point energy, covered by morphic fields of embedded information. 

The connection between life energy/zero-point energy and information evokes formative force. If this formative force connects to matter, a life form originates & the ecosystem all evolved into a higher degree of biodiversity. Similarly, this happens to societies and the development of culture. 

What is consciousness?

Consciousness; Awareness of the state of the surrounding deriving information as sensory and cognitive being acts reacts to.

Information;-Awareness to information is Knowledge, which does not work on its own or in an individual capacity. The amalgamation of Knowledge with the Consciousness bears the idea of formative force, ie, the Energy. 

Just recall the narrative of the “book”, as mentioned above. When you decide on to read a book on a topic, the book is the information in itself, as you start reading being aware, you do it with your consciousness else you cannot take the information inside the book. 

Therefore the elements responsible for the development of the Life are not two ie; information and life energy but three; The Information, The Consciousness and The Life energy.  

Consciousness binds the two together and the moment it does, formative force originates. Energy and information need consciousness to come alive. When conscious, the formative force connects to matter/information, a life form with consciousness is generated.

Now, this leads to Higher-order thinking, becoming conscious leads to higher consciousness., and the way becomes the goal. Pervading the life energy & positivity together, we hold the key to create a Beautiful World. 

Consciousness is the initiator of a formative force that connects to matter and manifests itself as a conscious life form. This consciousness gains experiences during its life in a material form. 

In human life, experiencing the outer world and interpreting this experience is a process of becoming conscious. If you do this well, you learn something from it. Process of experiencing or learning being conscious leads to a higher state of consciousness in the end as the way becomes the goal itself.

If the way is the goal, it means that the goal in life is the development of ever-higher levels of consciousness. What this leads to infer is; not only is everything made of energy and information but also that everything has consciousness and that the development of this consciousness to a higher level is the aim of the Universe.

Moon how beautiful it appears, Einstein then wondered if the moon still exists if we are not looking at it. Everything consists of a turbulent sea of zero-point energy and information. 

It is all movement and dynamics, but the moment we look, it “freezes,” and a form is laid down. It is as if a motion picture film suddenly stops, and you can only see the frozen image.

From quantum mechanics, it appears that we are the ones who make the world static, stationary, and solid. The “solid” truth is what it is because of our firm conviction.

It is our firm conviction that the chair we sit on consists of solid matter and that we can safely sit on it without falling through. In essence, the reality is different from what we see or, more precisely, what we see as real. We live in a sea of possibilities, but we affirm our reality with our firm conviction.

Yes, You Are Creator of Your Destiny? 

If creation is created by our expectation, conviction, and intention? This means that we not only have a huge responsibility for what we do, but we have more responsibility for how we think.

Our every thought influences us and our surroundings. A negative thought shall propose a negative effect, a Positive one has a positive effect. What you will send will come back to you enormous time larger. 

That means that we have to take care because this is how we create our reality and future. That is what we call DESTINY. What happens to you and what goes on in your life is coincidental, but it can be good luck or bad luck. If your intention influences reality is it possible to create a positive future by thinking positive thoughts. 

Your point of view, your mindset, sets the existence of a wave or a particle according to quantum mechanics. According to quantum mechanics, the existence of a wave or a particle depends on your point of view. Therefore, at the most elementary level, nothing is certain.

There is only an endless amount of possibilities. Your intention evokes energy into a particle or wave. The researchers claim that your consciousness creates your reality. 

Don’t you think, the education of quantum science and divine consciousness needs to be widespread in a revolutionary manner. Its could be a solution to the various problem especially to prevent the rise in hate and crime against youths? 

  • Do share your opinion and suggestion, tell us how you are influenced by this quantum consciousness science.
  • Did you ever experience incidents that you find were more than just coincidence?  

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