Let your energy flow, so the Love, Light & life. 

Be the warrior with peace in mind, who approaches to life and says, yes, yes to all that is endeavoured. Face challenges with courage and humility, and knows God is full of mercy.

Happiest people are not the one who holds an abundance of materialistic world, happy are those who let go, surrender to the flow, with firm faith in Divine. They say yes to challenges that are offered and dunt them down giving no energy, and evolving in the change for better.  

Rejoicing in the flow, flourish in confidence and contentment of soul. The happiness of happiest people is the peace that they attain being in joy spending more time in the state of flow. Work what you Love, Love what you work and spread light and life.

Now, as you have a fair idea of what to catchup? What art/work to embrace that satisfies your quench to love and light. Now you know your flow, it is time to pursue Life abundant of health, healing, peace, purpose and prosperity. 

Now its time to pursue and walk over the desired assignment persistently. Life is not about being happy, it’s about living it fully not surviving but thriving that does happen with practice and discipline and most importantly staying away form distractions. 

Flow is mysterious, that you don’t see happening but the results are mind-blowing. Just like how you train your self in the gym, on and on, day by day you don’t see the magnum difference but the difference does happen in the margins. 

A task that is done all involved in the oneness of mind body and soul is exemplary and proposes satisfaction, peace, and perfection. The most important aspect to attain perfection in the task is a calm mind. 

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Placidly amid the noise and haste, chaos and rush of life, being at a silence state of mind is an art. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines it as managing the micro-flow.  

Meditation is that tool that can help one to unlock calm. Your calm mind is the best guide, which directs you the instinct thinking. However, this not has to be a forced process, whereas the opposite is suggested, enjoy have fun and keep your mind open.

Park Sung-soo is a South Korean archer and Olympic champion. He competed at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, where he won a gold medal with the South Korean archery team, and also an individual silver medal. When asked about his success, he shares its meditation. He used to meditate for two hours daily. 

Getting involved in the mundane task and enjoying life is managing the microflow, is meditating. Connect your self placidly to the divine Supreme amid noise and haste, foster the silence of the soul. 

Whether it’s through meditation, just sitting calmly in nature or thoroughly involved in art or sport, that calms your thoughts so that one should be ready to receive the positive vibe that proper positive life. 

Billionaires Bill Gates has said he does the dishes at home, that that also involves a set procedure. He does the plates first and forks later. Research suggests taking such tasks intends creative and emotional benefits, some of the daily moment that perpetuates microflow, flow that prospers life. 

Inducing sophistication in simplicity is perfection. Caring for details and doing the things with the involvement of mind body and soul proposes life. 

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When you have a clear understanding of flow and how to attain and manage all in surrendring in oneness dunting down all distractions the outcome is life in the fullness of love and Light. 

Catch up your Ikigai; 

Invoke your IKIGAI!