People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things


Like soul attracts, what you are seeking is seeking you!

Like soul attracts. What you are seeking is seeking you. So be careful with your self and embrace your soul, armour your body, share your heart, and nourish your mind, so your personality becomes infectious spreading all cheerful vibes and attracting likewise souls.
We work with aspirations towards our desires and dreams hoping for a happy and peaceful life. Well, life is not that simple, one has to run daily to lead a successful life and to place the bread on the table at night, in this race the lifestyle turns mechanical, when an endless loop triggered we never knew. One starts to accommodate in the environment living a life of virtuality, forgetting what we truly are, where we belong to and what we wish for. Trying hard to adjust in where we don’t belong nor plan to settle, however, Cutting corners through the avenue, perhaps we start living a life we never wish for.
However, not able to break from the habit of the lifetime, our mind loops all in necessities, drifting one away from the purpose of life. Unable to withstand the responsibilities the life and fun volatiles into virtuality leaving with a sense of thriving to set free our souls? Frustration builds up stealing our cool, leaving us in an unrest, seeing life in a zoom. This state of hapless helpless soul mounts an environment around that impact mind, body and soul. Our beliefs, the social aspects of life influences our individual being too, influencing our personality, attitude and perception descending us, derailing our focus and determination away from the goal of life, ” a happy life.”
As an unhealthy diet affects our physical well being and destroys our immune, likewise we have to be mindful about our social surrounding which is nourishment to our mind and soul. At the same time, one have to be confident enough and strong-headed so can’t let lost in the challenges that life throws. One has to watch what we feed to mind and soul which definitely must not be the negative that holds us from reaching our goals.  When our mind, body and soul are in the perfect synchronisation in a healthy environment with all positivity around, it becomes hard to lose focus and perseverance, holding on to the profoundness, what is good for the soul, being resilient & strongly copping towards life’s goals.
One cannot refrain self from exploring the new domains & dreams, nor stop of setting the higher goals in lieu to shield. What is the right path to the aspiration of the soul? What one can do to save themselves for losing the track of life, what can be a guiding light?
The right track to the peace of mind is just a few actions away. Be mindful and watchful what you let yourself into. Prepare a healthy platter for your mind body and soul full of nourishment. Enough nourishment that let you cope through thick and thin. Good Thought, Good People Around and Good Vibes around are the passkeys. People who don’t push you down, however, those who can pump you up with motivation in distressful times, thoughts that keep the healing on, surrounding that helps you to nurture your emotional and spiritual needs are the basic necessities. Your mind is a reservoir of energy, store it with positive feeds, so that at the time of crisis and challenges the downpour of thoughts let nurture your needs.  Feed yourself into balanced social health, institute relationships with happy souls, as they are the true healers, who torch you during the dark, they are the friends who are not just the receivers, however, help to reach you your social, spiritual and emotional goals.
Not to forget, one has to love self first. Fall in love with yourself, be minded to be self-mindful and not much dependent on others for every need, you must develop self-sufficient environment so that the absence of any healing soul does not reset you dull. Your soul must be nourished in ways that can switch to self-replenish mode while you seek solace. For it is your soul where the heart of living a wholesome life and inner peace resides. Fall in love with your self, so much that you become your priority, your first care towards yourself, be compassionate for self. Your soul is your own friend, accept it with love. A starved soul feels lost and empty, and how an empty soul can provide other with the peace that they seek.  Make the soul-soil fertile, it is never too late to make those connections who nourish you and not drain to exhaust. Follow the route to your own heart, the choice is yours and your options are open. Don’t carry the baggage of past that is gone, your present designs your future. So, every day embrace your soul, armour your body, share your heart, nourish your mind to live life. Have fun, and when everything seems to be going right, just stay humble.  Your personality becomes infectious spreading all cheerful vibes and attracting likewise souls.

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