When true souls truly love they never care how far or near they are, distance really doesn’t matter to them. Because being distant they are one. They experience no separation.
Creating a space to evolve and explore for self, serene given to the significant other of yours creates the magic, that let love grow abundantly and endlessly. Love is not the destination, however, its a journey, journey together till the end of the breath, but how to keep that flame on?
 If seen closely, as short solitude is the key, a brief space to rejuvenate our soul batteries and allow us to give even more to our partners and to the relationship itself. Giving space to your better half is as special and important as much you need for self.
It’s so important to give space and recognition,  which in return provides a strong foundation. Love is composed of a single soul in two bodies, being one they are two, being two they are one.
In presence of each other they live joyously, they lift up the souls of each other and provide strength to be carefree. And this only happens when they recognise each other significance, not only in their life however in others too whom they are surrounding too.
Doing all the things without feeling like that you own your partner’s success is the key. Giving space and time to self and to the significant half is necessary. If you love your self, actually then you can love better the other person unconditionally. It’s important to understand every individual requires solitude.
Solitude all in respect, understanding and recognising that every individual has there own merits,  being mindful that life is not a race but everyone has its own length to run, with there own pace. Space to let them Shine and fueling them for the same, being supportive without meddling there range.
Solitude enhances equilibrium. An understanding of the need for space has enabled me to emphasise on, how much space is right, especially in our closest relations to give. Our spouse, our children all need space to develop and shine.
Definitely, too much of space evolve risk of drifting apart, but then this is what the real deal is, in any true relationship trust has to be the foundation. Letting too fewer space risks suffocation to the other person. LOVE  sets one free, and not limit the boundaries. Those are truly yours will never leave and who left remember they were never yours.
Giving right space is necessary to see clearly, qualities-deficiencies, strengths – weakness, personality – identity,& sophistication and simplicity of each other.
The ability to give space in our closest of relationships comes from our acceptance to that person unconditionally, which is the beauty of true two people in love.
Ability to adjust with there deficiency, being without judgemental and living long together without expectations. Strength to forgive faults, and without being pushy or influence the other person to change. Being self and letting your significant half to be them self as they are, is the key.
Every individual has different strengths, weaknesses, ability to cope with challenges and limitations. We come from different background and past, being together we have a different outlook for the future and a different approach to get there.
In spight of all differences, we are tight together with love and common traits that ensure the success of one’s relationship. Relationships do see hard times but commitment, courage and perseverance, patience keeps us intact without losing other or self into it.
We need space for self, sometimes you have to make space for your spouse,  for your children, your best friends & all other relations you surround. I take out time most of the time for myself, rather for any.