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Plastic Free world, from Mission Impossible to Mission Possible.

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, innovation and creation happen, and evolve adding up to the huge dump of garbage over the face of the earth. 

Where it is needed to correct the wrong done in the past and mend our ways for the future, perceiving a change in perspective toward sustainability is the basic need of the hour. 

How new ventures and startups impact nature in the short and long term must need to be one of the evaluating factors for its development. 

Anything that is introduced over the phase of the earth is part of a chain reaction, that in the end impacts our environment & mother earth. 

Delivery boy honks and one run down to fetch the delivery, it’s yummy hot, and spicy supplied in plastic accessories. The influence of numbers grades, run for business and money is the priority impacting high, and the influence of technology is crashing the usual and weekend vibes.

Now there is no dependency on a weekend or holidays for fun, they call food at doorsteps all around the seasons. There is no family time., they hardly go out for fine dining, the cling of glasses and shine, dishwashing fine, and crockery care, who has the time? 

Whatever Genz wishes, they are free to get hands-on too, there is no limit on purchase nor value for reuse. Health is of no concern, pizza and pasta are regular and not fun food.

But with the changing scenario, & the ways lifestyle has changed, with the emergence of a rising population and advancement of technology, Climate Change has become a challenge for every human.

The report suggests online food delivery services have resulted in a 30% to 35% increase in-home delivery and sales, and so has the consumption of plastic. 

Plastic is easy to make and very cost-efficient, hence the production of plastic goods and plastic production has exploded in business expansions. Though plastic products are recycled, the fact is, 91% of plastic goods are not recycled.

The launch of startups generates money, they provide occupation to the outcome of bombarding the population. But also, the methods for the race of earning money, are hurting nature and are causing a natural calamity. The used plastic products find their way to end into the rivers, lakes, oceans, or seas.

Consider here the launch of (startups)”swiggy and zomatto”, the app for the food order and destination delivery . 

Ever wonder how online ordering of the food impacts plastic pollution? 

 ZOMATO, SWIGGY, FREEFooddelivery ,FOOD PANDA & many others- multiple applications are downloaded on the phone, is online catering as is the option alone?

Who thought of Plastic, then in 1907, when was invented by Leo Hendrik Baekeland, then which defines as the rescue of ease and economical success shall be known later to the world as a lethal weapon that will impact and can cause suffocation to mother earth, and will be one of the causes of Climate Change? 

The plastic-free world is the mission and to make this mission impossible into a mission possible what is needed is small little efforts from an each-every human being. 

When we look at the companies and manufacturers to stop the consumption and production of plastic, we too own the responsibility to, not use and bring new plastic in -any form. Preaching, practicing and public partnership is the key to plastic-free earth. 

Tell me; Being vegan and promoting plant-based food you do, In India the factors that do matter, how much thought do you put into action? 

  • Is this the responsibility of only a few, who dare to express their views and ask questions?
  • How many of you have thought of going dine out so the plastic will not pile at home?
  • How many refuse to sleep by putting the a/c off, if the temperature is below 28’c in India? 
  • When you step out of the house, you don’t forget to carry a bag in your pocket?
  • When did you opt for public transport for commuting, dropping your vehicle at home? 
  • When will take accountability for our own actions? 
  • When shall we place our deeds into action? 

On the contrary, people are caged in cars, singly, doubly and so on cursing everything other than themselves only to go home and complain about all kinds of pain in the body. In the name of growth, people are increasingly becoming hallow, short of breath, energy, verve and carefree life. 

Development, A Cakewalk Over the Face of Mother Earth!


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