The mental ability to think, reason, character, feelings,  judge, memory, perception etc. of a living being is the outcome or reflection of our soul. Fall in love with your soul and the world will fall in love with you.
All set and done with the responsibilities of life, living life to the fullest and still on thriving for more. Relentless to others in search of light, this is the wandering soul, at the time of dark attitudes, when dimness and distress overpower its soul that suffers.
The outcome of the desire for worldly pleasure or the materialistic needs cant quenches the sense of dissatisfaction. Where physical challenges hurt and give rise to physical pain,  the shock to the soul is,  living a wandering life in search of cognisance. Overcoming the physical challenges of life, accumulating all the worldly pleasures, bounded in the loop of presence and absence cannot bring the joy to the soul.
The soul that is free and is always present in self. Soul overdraws the energy from the wellspring of body and mind, lifting the sprite to bounce with each step, carefree and not affected by the circumstance of the external world, the soul is a free bird welcoming life every day with a charming smile.
The repository of positivity can be called the soul and can be sparked to spread the light with the power of spirituality. The soul is unique, poise sweet and loving.  Loving and caring for self-sourcing, self-reliance to the extent that the joy within manifest the incandescent, emitting love and positive vibes, a lighthouse to others and pulling in the life of absolute peace for self.
Keeping refiling your reservoir each day with prayer, reflection and affirmations to empower positive change and hope, strengthing your soul, allowing to bloom self-esteem and love for others. Indulge in self-embracing, self-thinking of your spiritual being and what one will achieve is soul consciousness, a soul connection.