Our Soul is our subconscious being, that resides in our body. The soul gives life to the mechanical structure of our body and behaviour. Our body reacts to the action of the outer world, whereas the soul teaches and guides this mechanical structure to think why, when and how.

Our soul or psyche is the mental ability that made us do things that we do out of our subconscious or, say the soul is the true nature of a being. How do one reason, feel, character, consciousness, memory, perception, thinking all are the efficiency of our soul.

The soul is the logical identity and is most superior in humans, whose inclination is towards divinity. Where Heaven is seen as the soul in nearness to God, hell as a desertness from God. Soul have sensations and thoughts, desires and beliefs, and perform intentional actions. A Soul is an essential part of any human being.

However, in general, the soul of a human is overridden by the body and mind that act and react to the actions and of the surroundings, it is in proceeding with the life of others around and of oneself, day and night.

The involvement in routine suppresses the soul, setting it inactive and ineffective over our real being. Where the mind and body live in reality, Soul had the power to sense and survives distinct reality and derives its belief into reality if awakens.

Setting the soul to awakening up to its full strength is like initiating “body’s wars against the soul”.Body and mind revolve around the worldly things and people around. Its hard is to break the stereotype and to go against the monotonous lifestyle in search of the purpose, the existence and to fulfil that it required to invoke the soul.

Soul by its nature triggers to think deep, inwardly inside its territory that activates character of the self-creating, self-unfolding logical life, a meaningful cause of its existence. Contemplation and evaluation of present reality to transform, to contribute towards improvement not only of oneself but surrounding all in closeness to divinity.

However, in the current scenario, when life is heavily and overly occupied and one doesn’t have time to think, people live to follow a routine. A socially bound monotonous pattern prevailing high, which aims to live life acquiring social goals to match up the existence. The soul of the human that resides inside of our physical being, is suppressed, lost and is forgotten in this hey vie of life.

The modern world which is technology driven, it influences the thinking that leads towards manipulation which is far from reality, emphasizes the active role of the mind in soul-making as the making of psychic reality, dragging away from the truth of reality. This superficial reality shrouds the soul further beneath.

The soul always thinks and derives the energy form surrounding. What one thinks turns in to thoughts and our thoughts become our action. Technology media and social media are catering so ready-made concept of the life woven in superficial reality that it is hard to contemplate what is the realia of reality?

People are running to earn life, so to place bread on the table at night, they are losing patience, they don’t have time to sit, to breathe, undoubtedly there is no time to think to contemplate reality. The race is run to achieve social goals, what one wants within, what soul seeks is not of practice.

Dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression grasping deep roots, greave hits to set soul faint. It Soul rejuvenates experience these pains, it invokes the spirit of sense.

The pain releases an urge to search and live a real life, boosting back to face the mirror and cope up life. Not to give up on and to face responsibility for self-increasing the periphery towards surrounding and society.

Soul rises to the greater good, giving permanence to the word of peace not exclusively for oneself but also for strange and unknown who seek to experience a meaningful life.

The rise of the internet in our life is intriguing. From boards rooms to the bedroom, the internet is ruling our lives. We don’t look at the face of the one we sleep next to, rather at the device screen, as one wake up following the same pattern, and this way we are not only damaging our body, however, we are living not in realia but living a life in virtual reality.

This lifestyle is leading to biophysical changes that are resulting from the current rise of internet culture. Flapping fast and impatient to stay on the single window.

One switching frequently from handle to handle getting all at fingertips superficially far from the action as never before. The Internet is distorting level of patience reshaping our mind.

The Internet is inducing biological, chemical, and physical changes into our brain. The Internet has an insightful scene that can enlighten us with wisdom too, however, it is too dangerous to expose yourself with and entirely dependent on the machine for the same.

Definitely to set the soul-shift out of Cyber Space is tough, when it is in deep sleep, subconsciously suppressing its virtue of the soul supreme. The soul that is absolutely divine and its true nature is to be in the oneness of its being, pure, poise altruistic as the divine supreme.

A human holds body as well as soul apart from mind, and if our biological attributes are transformed to doom because of use of technology, it will drastically affect our inner being, our soul, moulding us as an instrument of technology and not the technology the tool for us.

It’s awakening if we save our souls form the trap of technology diverting it to uplift and rejuvenate to its higher strength. There is a sweet spot between our surrounding, technology and our true being if we supplant to search it.

Soul strength one enough not just to think and live a life of wonderment in thoughts, but will harness meaning practicality and value out of it.

To live the life of divinity all in realia overcoming aching dreams and goals that is the purpose of one’s true being, working towards dreams to turn them into reality, leading a meaningful life, not for self however creating a sustainable surrounding for other as well.