People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things

Mindfulness Soul Conjunction

The festivity of Sawan That Adds Charm & Joviality to Gloomy Monsoons.

Harmony makes small things grow. The little drops of rain make love to show up in the form of green farmlands. Faith is a mustard seed that sets the harvest to grow, as drizzle hit the earth the soul rejoices and the harvest rises higher to the abundance.

This is how we live life in India, celebrating little things, celebrating life, rejoicing Sawan. With the showers kiss the earth loses its stiffness and the essence of soil defuses into the atmosphere.

This soil blessed with the touch of the divine is used to build Shiv lings & manifest the love for Lord Shankar. As devotees sing songs Sawan songs to evoke the Lord many fast along and do dhyana(meditation), soaked in divine love maintaining celibacy.

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