People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things

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Things I wanted to say but never did!

Some times the sound of silence is the loudest, but some times words heal the scars shown of silence.

Where In personal life and relations one should never experience a situation where have to hold heart, hide feeling and refrain expressing thoughts, in professional and social life that seems the secret of success, a persona of worldly-wise.

One can change the world with words. Death and life of a soul are in the power of the tongue. It’s all about what one should/should not say and more important is, “Why, What and when”, but sometimes the most important is to hold back and let it go.

Say it out!
If Doubt is taking away your peace.
when you know what you deserve.
You cannot afford to let it go.
Believe best is yet to come and will.
You matter a lot to them who matter a lot.
Enjoy more days of truth, trust and love.
The sun will rise and we will try again.

Say it out, NOT!
when I am annoyed.
When I don’t need to prove others wrong.
When you know your opinion does not matter.
When you are not respected.
When you can spare and always wait for another day.
The sun will rise and we will try again.

Measure your words and thought, time is the best judge. Write your thought and inspect, are they worth enough to express? Introspect. Words can build hearts and home, they hold power to motivate, words have the power to escalate ,injure, break, feed boldness, & stealing confidence. Your words should heal and not smack hurt.

I urge you to add your insight to make this article more worthy and helpful to others. What’s your take or what I am missing that you want to mention.

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