Day one down with the women’s Day Celebration all across the Nations. So, How is the Josh?

Is International Women’s Day 2020 celebrations Over? NOPE, it has to continue until we have not to count on Gender. Till then, Here is my Humble Homily for you all dear friends, Be yourself, Being Confident, Being Mindful & Being at Peace, keep celebrating – Keep writing your success stories. Today and every day lead yourself & so society. To call a change the action involves is a comprehensive approach of every single day, & its not a matter of a day celebration. 

Each drop counts in the ocean. Each drop when get together forms Ocean, The one, the infinity, the absolute that begins with, is the individuality of space the existence of each droplet. Each day counts so never let your vibes go down, celebrate each day as Women’s day. 

An equal world is a balanced world. Balance that edifies to evolve better, catch up the speed and so the transformation happens more. Promoting the ability to actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.

Small dots connect to form a line and to connect them one has to look back first to draw a string forwards. One bow down & not breaks, when is loaded of Gratitude, Love, Kindness and Compassion all in Grace, the blessing from the divine in abundance, an extra portion has given to the women kind. 

Only a strong woman dares to fix the other woman’s Crown, Be that one. As we celebrate women’s day let this not be an event of a day but an everyday celebration of our individuality in unity. Support each other, commemorating #eachforequal is the necessity.  

We celebrate the Women Power, as we celebrate Ladies who in a revolutionary manner inspire, promote and uplift other women in society. Individuality impact the outcome of collective efforts. So to bring the change towards the desired goal as moving forward retaining one’s potential, embracing uniqueness is equally important. 

To move together where we have to embrace unity, being united we have to retain and embrace the individuality of each one of us which is the source of newness and creativity. What defines a compile unit is its culture which is derived from the principle and values of one individual. 

Better together people can reach toward a common goal when they have common values and principal then, even if they may belong to the different culture. It’s difficult to change our value system, but the culture shift is swift. Embrace your self more, your individuality, your culture, encounter more new souls, espouse your difference so they can become your power as together in action. 

Yes, we need to embrace the gender-equal world. And for those who ask, WHY? For, Gender Equal World is the need of the Hour. Embrace, breaking all the centuries-old barricades of stereotypes chauvinism. 

For the greater good, to save the world from falling apart. The world as an individual, your family life and also the professional world. The boardrooms that does destine the future world, for she deserves it, not that just for a whimsical treat. 

And this need is not of a day or two, its a revolution that needs to be fed to blaze out the barricades that propose barriers and widens the gender gap. To protect the relations and provide a strong foundation to the society which is evolving fast towards urbanization and so transforming into a secular & secluded one. 

All in erroneous ways, catching up at the conjunction of life simulating diligence, stealing solace, falling in timidity losing peace of mind. That is choking conscious besides, dangerous is that many engulf in the suffering are souls under depression for the reason of pressure to perform at home and at the professional end.. 

Earlier, marriage was a more of an economy based institution that you did once, and that was it. There was no exit. Partners have defined a set of rule and so following them was the formula of a happy life. 

The present day women are not under a set rule of domestic life. She is educated and is very much part of the complete competitive world and for her to reach for the skies a balanced world is necessary, that’s not just for a day but that is need of life indeed. Gender equality is essential for economies and communities to thrive.

The changing life and more of secular family-style, has disrupted the traditional economy based family life. Definition of love has drastically evolved, love was never before was so out of love. The entire culture has shifted to routine and materialistic world.

Sharing the responsibilities, to strengthen our self to fit in this changing world we need to shift our mentality too. As women are taking care of the outer world men needs too to cooperate at the home end, and support the family and so the society. 

The social economy of relationships that we have forgotten and the secular society, that embrace consumption and materialism. We often forget the Maslow’s Law, that life is never about an individual but a comprehensive living in society, fulfilling the duties at home or in the boardrooms. 

Equality is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue. A gender-equal world can be healthier, wealthier and more harmonious – so what’s not great about that? The race is on for the gender-equal world, a gender-equal society, gender-equal family, gender-equal workplaces, is the need. 

Our mentality is from a model where relationships, were woven in communal structures, were very clear. The community gave us a sense of identity. You knew who you were. You knew what was expected of you, and you knew how to behave.

Now the roles have changed and so need is to work on mentality and evolving responsibilities. We have urbanized now, and we have moved, and we have taken on radical individualism and aspirational materialism, and all of those things have created a playing field giving scope to help more each other in each others role. 

Rules have been replaced by choices. But at the same time, we have massive uncertainty and massive self-doubt. Which can be coped up only when we work together and move forwards. And this movement is not just good for women, it’s for the greater good. This cooperation in all fronts at home or profession can keep us more intact, more loving and respectful each other. 

Love that changes not for any reason; It’s constant through life. love is like the north star is to a sailor. Love does not fade with time, it is as is the polar star ever-fixed, lasts forever, Love never seeks & sacrifice. Men this love you do not have to show in emotions but also in action, action by supporting your women in life, in her daily little things, for they are yours too, as she is doing from far generations. 

While we seek so much from shift in culture, from society at the workplace and at home from men, certainly women too have to come together to make this happen for each other, each for equal, at home and at work place. 

Women you are a winner to be. Celebrate the goddess within you now and each day, it’s not a season but a festivity of a lifetime. 

Woman, you are a Soul whose Nature is to Nurture, To Provide All Selflessly and Unconditionally. Nurturing is the relationship between the soul of a woman and the soul of mother earth. We celebrate women and her nature to nurture, seeding new life all unconditionally and selflessly.

Womanhood is that gift of God where you don’t live life, however, you are at the uttermost level of living a selfless life. Perhaps providing and protecting becomes your nature elevating your status in closeness to divinity and so the women in our country are manifest as Goddess.

Here is my humble reminder for you all my dear ladies, Be your self. Being Confident, Being Mindful and Being at Peace, write your Success Stories. Today & every day lead your self and so the society, and help to flourish with purpose. Let the celebration of the goddess in you never ends. 

So let’s build a gender-equal world, Let’s be Each for Equal. Embrace Unity in Diversity.Collective Conscious, Individual identity be the mantra to live by not just today however embrace it each day. 

Each drop counts in the ocean. Each drop when get together forms Ocean, The one, the infinity, the absolute that begins with, is the individuality of space the existence of each droplet. Remember What you Love, you empower. What you fear, you empower. What you Empower, you ATTRACT, so women empower each other. 

Let’s make it happen, “sisterhood” be, a celebration, not of a day and a revolution for a lifetime, International Women’s Day. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender-equal world. Let’s all be Each for Equal

Khwab Buno Tum | Singer Dr. Renu

Let’s embrace individuality being men or women, in unity. Move forwards together embracing unity, being united we have to retain & embrace individuality which is the source of newness & creativity.

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