It’s bemusing to know that you know nothing about yourself,
Each time as I encounter a new soul, I realize how little I know of my self.
Know yourself & it will be the DAWN.

Dr Renu Sharma

What you fear is because it may drive dislike. But then you need to assimilate, one cannot live with shunning off own being. Positivity and mindfulness can help one to be more aware of self and self capabilities.

Reality awareness is the key, the right sense of right change that one can stretch unto and perceive further setting goals to achieve a new one. Peace within helps to introspect, weaving courage for self correctness.

Being Confident, Being Mindful and Being at Peace are the fundamentals that can certainly help you to flourish in purpose. Your being, a blooming, bright, confident and smarter you, burgeon with Midas touch, whatever you work on, yourself or others.

A confident being engages better and performs better at work, either play. More in the sync to your surroundings you are more aware of, not just reacting – responding to reflex. You can be a winner, being confident, being mindful and at peace.

Work well on self-correction, prepare your self fully and don’t judge others.

What we give energy to that grows. If you will, fuel fears failure shall lead but, if with confidence will energies efforts the fruit of success will be sweet. Judgmental behaviour is one of the counters to cope with fear, where we judge our-self limiting our capabilities. But this attitude brings no good and there is no end to the vicious cycle of sorrow and self-pity.

So, embrace self-correction, improve, and enhance your skills and abilities. Practice right, fight right. Failures are the building block that builds a strong foundation so much so that it becomes the stairway towards success.

Be compassionate and selective all in confidence because you deserve the best. Not have to jump at any that are offered. Be selective, be choosy but all in elegance, and be classic.

Thinking through on and response, don’t jump to react, work on alternatives that are suitable to your flexibility and comfort. Acknowledge that you don’t have to take whatever is suggested.

Embrace positive emotions and pamper every source that liberate positivity.

As they say, positive vibes lead to a positive life, which science proves too. Embrace positive emotions and pamper every source that liberate positivity. Speak positive sentence about your self, eventually, the thinking and happening will pursue.

Positivity culminates collaboration relapsing envious feelings and competition, en-rooting energy towards mental peace and a better outcome. A positive person is a focused, efficient and indefinitely an uplifting soul that emerges inciting happiness inside-outside.

A positive person is more flexible, adjusting, interactive and open to suggestions and change rather than being neutral or negative. So not just be optimistic but act to be positive.

Exhilarate your emotional intelligence, upgrade your knowledge.

Fully aware of self in such a way that flames confidence and capabilities to handle self, with full power over your weakness and strengths are emotional intelligence. It’s bemusing to know that you know nothing about yourself. Every time as I encounter a new soul, I realize how little i know of my self. Know yourself & it will be the DAWN.

The best tool to enhance your emotional intelligence is mindfulness that keeps you aware and grounded to your surrounding and your self-being. And the best method to be mindful in meditation.

Meditation inactivates your higher senses and so helps a woman to protect while, in situations perceived to be dangerous, overwhelming, or threatening.

“Believe” and “realization of peace” all into the existence with manifestation and knowledge of the almighty, unleash you to the power of self fullness and not to compromise it at any cost.

You start respecting other souls and if not on the same tangent it becomes easy to let go and detach as now keeping your peace becomes more necessary for you.

Believe in the absolute and perfect creation of God, that is every thing_body around you is complete in the absolute perfection of God, you start learning to regard others and when even if not share the same opinion you refrain to hurt, nor be harsh on others mirroring your peace and clam on to them.

Work on communication skills. Invoke modulation in speech.

Communication can catalyze your success, it works for those who work on It. 

We connect with people because it makes us happy and excellent communication is key to a positive interaction. 

Discussion embraces the sense of connectivity and belongingness and hence a healthy communication is necessary.

The conversation goes wrong when the message we send or receive is hardly just factual information.

The core of positive communication is the willingness to listen with an understanding ear. Observation without being judgmental is also necessary. 

Communication is the soul of any personal or professional relationship. Seems “simple but not easy”.

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