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Dr Renu Sharma,
Director, Narmada Health Group.

Mother, workaholic, Soul Healer, Blogger,
Dr MBBS-MD, Pure BHOPALI. Who Loves her School, school days and school mates. Dr Renu Sharma describes here BBFs are her strength, and  credits the cause of her happiness and success to them. She says, my BBFs, “keep me grounded, reminds me who Iam, I was and from where I belong“.

Dr Resnu Sharma describes here BBFs are her strength, and she credits her happiness and success to them. She says, my BBFs, “keep me grounded, reminds me who I was and from where I belong and how long I have come”.

Dr Renu Sharma did her degree MBBS-MD, from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, the institution that taught her not just about the body and life science, but the meaning of life and about the SOUL & the essence of life.

Dr Renu Sharma is a person who drives out of passion, she breathes purpose & believes to try things differently. We can say she is “out of the box of a kind”. She tries to make out everything possible, that can impact and bring changes in the surrounding, people’s lives for betterment, healing soul while she heals wounds of the trauma patients.

Dr Renu Sharma thrives to live a meaningful and purpose-driven life, the best way to do so she finds is, by finding ways to give back to society. Spending time enriching the community is a great way to broaden your perceptions of the world she believes in.

Surrendering to the community and surrounding with like-minded people who are dedicated to revamping the world. One can learn so much about how the world works. You gain a unique sense of purpose by serving those around you, one which often manifests in other areas of your life this is the philosophy that Dr Renu Sharma lives by.

Dr Renu Sharma firmly believes that; It’s a misconception that good comes free. What comes free is never respected neither valued. So purpose and profit and public participation is meaning-making which can happen when a leader embraces a service mentality.

Having the ability to awake the soul with confidence and positivity, breaking the glass ceiling with creative thinking. An ability to console a soul and construct a confidence model of foundation most successfully and positively.

Being a professional Doctor, she never restricted her preview to the limit of the hospital and patient care. She believes in helping people outside the wall of the hospital as well.

Brand ambassador for the campaign, “Run Bhopal Run”-2019, Dr Renu Sharma set up many ventures which are working towards the health and mental health betterment of those in need and also for the upliftment of the deprived providing them with possible opportunities.

A fitness-savvy passion for self-care motivates Dr Renu Sharma to share the same interest towards a healthy lifestyle with others.
A caring attitude towards others motivated Dr Renu Sharma to establish the ‘Narmada Wellness World’, an extended part of “Narmada Health Group”.

Here she coaches and provides consultation to women on health issues that do affect their behaviour and living, like, puberty, Pregnancy, Menopausal issues and mental health problems.

How to promote positivity in life is the motto she lives by, to be around positive people, to manifest and magnify a positive vibe and to live a positive purposeful life serving others.

As a Director leading a team, she desires to lead a selfless life. She encourages everyone around her to follow a healthy living and purposeful life. Apart from being a part-time blog writer, she is also taking care of Narmada Hospitals, and other ventures ;

Narmada Nirmal Niketan: NNN was started in Feb 2014, with a vision to provide “Recurrence With Recuperation”. A home away from home, Narmada Nirmal Niketan is a home for those who need rehabilitation. It is not merely a rehabilitation centre but a complete care centre, giving perfect health to the mentally, physically and socially deprived patients.

Narmada Kutir Udhyog is a venture of Narmada Health Group, in the field of Small Scale Industry, enabling poor women, utilizing their household skills, in fulfilling the basic needs of their families. These women, who are experts in the art of cooking, making various cookery items, nutritious home make supplies living a purposeful life-giving meaning to their work towards society.

Narmada Narmam Jaivik is a concept which incorporates the various aspect of organic farming. The journey started when we got the 35 acres of land at Ramnagar near Shahganj at Sehore district the foothill of Satpura mountains.

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