My niece and her friends found a wounded dog, who got hit form a highspeed moving bike in our residential society. The dog was abandoned by the neighbours as they moved to some other locality. My niece and her friends’ used to look after that dog, they took that wounded dog now stray, to the veterinary.
They were too upset for the dog and also puzzled why the boy who hit the dog never have affected and felt sad, he hit the dog and ran away. I tried to comfort her by explaining that when we really spend time with any living beings, as she and her friends had, with the dog, “we find out that they are real. They are changing, lively, hungry, social just like us, their life is flimsy and they want to stay alive.”
That lad has, not had the chance to hold any connection with this dog, to know him, to hold him, to play with him the way she and her friends did.  If that fast racer had, he couldn’t have injured this dog either, or if he did accidentally he’ll come back to comfort could be his priority.
Whenever we wholeheartedly attend to the person or pet or plant we seeded, or any living creature we are with, the tree or a cat moving around the houses, we develop a bond of living energy an intimate part, this living energy becomes an intimate part of who we are and what we surround.
Caring is loving and paying attention means we care, caring purposes love. We all have a system around us which is codependent of an individual living being. Animal and plants are not out of it. attention is the most basic form of love that we share with all in our surrounding. By paying attention to human or animals, we let ourselves be touched, and feels the necessity and need to have and provide care.
Our hearts naturally become more open and engaged. Caring and paying attention becomes or nature, general human nature. Human beings love and care, we are affectionate by nature.
Besides the human tendency to love and care for any living body in the surrounding. we hold some special relations we like living beside our complete life all in dedication caring and paying attention to them and same seeking from.
This can be our family, friends and also the colleague at work. Going an extra edge for them with all joy surrendering to there need is what we call an emotional bond out of a relationship.
Attention is the basic essence of love. When you love a person, you care about those special relations with awakened heart because, like a flower in full bloom, it is the full realization you love them. You seek and give an extra life, you live by the edge to all extent for these special relations.
You care for every fine detail of there life, there need all in good and bad times.  You pay attention to their basic need, you understand their nature and so, prepare and propose surrounding accordingly facilitating them to nurture more, stay more, comforting to make them feel full and happy.
As loving, feeling loved also matters. You manage for them,  out of your busy schedule you take out time to peep in and check out, take time out to know how they are doing. We just not check on well being of them but we provide an extra edge to understand there need and also seek the same form them.
Many a time no matter how busy you are, you take reservations to attend the emergency need of them. You propose extra attention to their single demands on /off, of your time and schedule. This is how one lives in a family,  with loved ones and friends. Being possessive we let them free to reach their necessities, without being judgemental or conditional.
When you feel connected your hearts open and your spirit lifts, you share joy out of your relationships.  You fill with positive vibes and librate the same. You feel generous and all in grace.  Even when your hearts feel tight or numb, you still care about caring for the people you love.
Anger pain only arise when you feel separate. You feel immune and ceased in relationships when you feel strange, you cannot welcome them. And then what’s one’s agony and pain are, does not matter to other.
When we look at our own lives and at the history of humanity, it clearly displays that dislike arises because we are very deeply conditioned to feel separate and different from others.
Nature is free, continuous, consistent in giving, radiant and loving. The pace of nature is what humankind evolve and caring and loving is the basic nature of us all, to the thing we are connected to all that we touch.