Sometimes crises become the greatest blessings, they carry transition & bring progress. It is in crises when we introspect, invent, discover & work towards growth and development. People who overcome crises outdo themselves without being overcome. On the blades of prerennial grass, the dewdrops last, and the moments that it makes it transilient, exapted, and antifragile.  

Lush green pastures,

soaked in pearly glace,

Grass blades, halm ‘or healer, 

The covalence ‘in the polarity,

Distance affirming belongingness,

The freedom in solidarity.

The edges nurture emotional intelligence, 

N’ rock bottom turns into rock foundation,

Grass blades blemish into longing,

Bittersweet pain ramify to let go of, 

Be present in the moment ‘n emergest healing,

Manifesting transformations ‘n transcending.

Dewdrop tells time is enough,

Be still over the grass blades,

Rejoice, gracefully surrendering the vanity, 

Sunlight shine ‘n embodies its purpose,

The warm, moist breath of the ground,

Turn to dew to quench the thirsty earth.

She yearns for freedom from darkness,

Light jingles swallowing dewdrops,

In anticipation of another day,

To soak the lush green pastures,

With its pearly glace ‘ grass blades. 

Begin Again Welcoming New Year 2023!