Why being ” Taken for granted becomes complain”?, When it means that you are totally trusted and comply to the uttermost comfort for the other person?

No matter how good the other person is but eventually all have limits. How long one can stay cool & not complain of being taken as granted? Though being taken for granted can be a compliment, but at other end allowing to be taken as granted can be a  cause of detachment also.

In fact, many a time allowing to be taken as granted let the other person move away because they never get the sense that you desire or need them much.

In relationships people want some space, maintaining and giving which keeps the flame on and flame high. However many relationship coaches suggest is, it’s not too good to take your partner for granted.

The feuds flag the flames of romance, the arguments bring uncertainty and changes that are good for any relationships. On the other hand, taking the partner as granted, is habitually associated with stability and confidence in the relationship subconsciously, however, it leads to dampening the efforts and investment of emotions that is needed and it weakens the bond in long run.

Though I personally propose, regards and respect is the essence of any relationship which helps to keep the egos down, and eventually, you are humble towards your relations, you never take them as granted, and will not compromise on respect.

Being humble prevents ego to flourish. It’s fundamentally incorrect that, when a couple’s love is profound and trust powers,” taken for granted prevails”. Taken as granted has no sense in the state of unconditional love where trust and to promoting the partner soul flourish which is less about romantic intensity and more about profundity. Love is transverse in nature and moves from intense to profound.

Thomas Merton defines, “We cannot stay at the highest peak of intensity forever and expecting for it, will sadden us. Happiness is just not about the intensity but balance and harmony. Profundity is necessary for us to flourish and develop. Romantic intensity is like a click moment of a snapshot but the romantic profundity with the imperial dimension of love has greater significance.”

Both aspects are important, but in profound love promoting not the self-satisfaction but of the partner’s progress is of higher value, which brings extremely taken for granted.

A closer sense of selflessness or say, unconditional love must evolve with the change is the status quo, form intensity to profoundness.

Between two souls nature has to be promoting the flourishing of the partner, while at the same time being together is the essence of the relationship. What ruin the relationship is the constant search to validate the know-how, which is insensitive and a superficial manifestation. Profound love excludes being worried all the time and put in trying to prevent partner leaving you.

The trust is true love, which does not scare of risk, the default attitude of suspicion is never constant. “One may be deceived if trust too much, but will live in suffering unless you trust enough”.~Frank Crane

Profound love is like, where the souls are at rest and enjoy the calmness. Being relaxed about the activities while same time not ignoring the need to fan the romantic flames.

True love risks everything and seeks nothing. Seek that sense of true love and you will never feel again,  “Taken as Granted”

Be A Magnet !