Love never compels, nor superimpose. Love is about surrendering and letting go. Creating an aura of selfless glow, unlike that incandescence which triggers moth drawn to lure. However, this is the idealistic situation of life, where two ideal people truly love. Their energy for self is nil, what they hold is all full life and vibes.

There are many in relationships where they feel stuck. They nor feel the flow of energy nor the flow of love. They are in a relationship where the partner is dominant. The word love become more of control, channelising of energy on conditions is the aim, free flow of emotions and energy is bonded.

Love is a response where one receives energy for the other person and like it to linger in the presence of it more, they surrender self and create an environment for that energy source to stay and let the source seek same more from you, just as the same way you do. That’s how the love flows between two souls which emit and receive energy with one goal, “ONE LOVE”.

If one end will try to control the out and inflow of the energy, this control will disturb the balance and comfy, the powerful bond that holds the two souls together will fall more out of dissatisfaction causing damage and hurting.

We Love people as we see good in them and then we feel attracted towards that good. The controlling nature of them takes away our feelings of that good somewhere pushing us away and change our ways, leading generation of cynical vibes and so which becomes the point of complaint.

The controlling behaviour knows no boundaries, not only they try to control the partner socially, however, tries to impact the philosophy, lifestyle and way of living emotionally. Many partners as one who openly chides everyone in their path, many are physically aggressive, and even threats and give ultimatums to move out of relationships.

Very grumpy they are and even try to tell how he/ she may dress. While those signs are indeed troubling, there are many additional signs that might show up quite differently making it difficult to stand alone.

Few are blunt and end losing love because of there open conduct, fail to prevent unseen harm for self and the other who they love. But sometimes many partners are smart and tact full, they are complex, well able to manipulate emotionally. They develop and set the belief system in the relationship that the person who is being controlled actually starts believing that they themselves are the villain, or that they are extremely lucky that their controlling partner “puts up” with them.

Whatever controlling behaviour may be causing no harm physically but can have the dangerous impact emotionally. Severe emotional or physical, abuse or not, it is not a healthy situation. Being eloped in that bubble of secret space, you are connected to the social and professional world, controlling energies affect the performance,  personality, and confidence.

Positivity perish slowly into all negativity while feeling restricted and not be as one wish to be, “oneself”. .., harming one’s self-esteem, self-respect, draining into social isolation and culminating depression. Whatever kind of it be, manipulative, unhealthy obsessive, overprotective, you have to learn to restrict them in boundaries.

Loving is not surrendering to unjust and unreasonable demands. Giving up on your like and dislikes is not love. Don’t let anyone talk and take you in that version of love, that’s take away your personal time that you like to devote towards things of your interest.

Self-care and grooming, or time of peace and pampering mind-body or soul all are affected if in bad influence or control.  And because you do not find it right put effort to fix it out. Trust your own gut, LOVE is supposed to feel good and to be great in a relationship, not overwhelming, scary, or stressful. A partner, lover is supposed to make you happier and not sadder.

 Signs that tell, yes you are in an unhealthy or controlling relationship;

 *They try to pin you down to self, isolating you from your friends and family.


 *setting you tired out of the conversation or argument until you relent. 


 * Constant carping even over nothing.


  *Constant threat to quit out of the relationship.


 *Making acceptance, attraction, caring conditional.


 * Inability or unwillingness to ever hear your point of view.


 *Using guilt as a tool.


 *Jealousy out of control.


 *Not respect for your “Me time “.


 *Making you, earn trust.


 *Presuming you guilty utill proven innocent. 


 *Making you feel decreed for your long-held beliefs.


 *Making you feel you are unworthy of them.


 * Teasing or taunting that has an uncomfortable undercurrent. 


 * Sexual intimacies and interactions that let you feel upsetting afterwards


 *Preventing your professional or educational goals by making you doubt yourself.