Who can ever forget the Chernobyl nuclear reactor catastrophe that took away the lives of many? The nuclear power plant near Chernobyl was due for a routine test when Mr Anatoli the foreman supervising the test against the advice of his engineer went beyond the permissible limits to test his equipment breaking several security measures. Consequently, the temperature increased beyond hazardous risk, the team raised the alarms but then already it was too late. What happened later is a story for ages. 

The Massachusetts fire department has established that the cause of the fatal wildfire that destroyed millions of trees turning them into ashes and also the wildlife many times the cause could be a cigarette butt that is a leftover by a passing traveller? 

Let me put one more narrative you know, originally Nagisaka wasn’t the city to be inundated with a nuclear bomb? However, turbulent weather caused the change of the location from Kokura to Nagasaki. Kokura was more populated and was a city producing chemical weapons. 

The above-shared narratives are examples of what the scientist call the “butterfly effect”, coined by meteorologist Edward Lorenz which was the outcome of his observations in the weather report study that how slighted change due to the rounding up in the 3rd decimal place value the weather prediction shifted for 2 months. 

Later with his research, Edward Lorenz established that the butterfly effect explains connecting the dots, manifesting how an event that does not matter can cause a long-lasting significant change in the life of people or the environment. 

Well, the antecedent and the consequences are inextricable and explain people’s behaviours and how they reform and define lives and the environment and that every event matters. When we amalgamate antecedent with set consequences or say the purpose they become the potential to cause change. Events are like double-edged swords that can change things for the better or create a chain reaction that causes a catastrophe. 

As a society, we prioritise physical health over mental well-being despite the very fact that they’re indistinguishably linked. We do take care of our physical boundaries so as not to allow any physical violation likewise it’s necessary for us to keep a check on & bar any violation of emotions.

What triggers human emotion and so the actions are words. Words are powerful, words can motivate and inspire, words can build bridges and can burn them down. Language is evolving with changing times and one can’t deny its fueling heat in the environment and the lives of people. The research of the present time reveals the use of blatant and derogatory words & language is increasing.

People are failing to comprehend that the scars of verbal abuse are real it flinches deep wounds that are difficult to see and are equally difficult to heal. For they leave no scars thus there are no strict social taboos against the abusers who shame, ridicule, or scream but they do cause cognitive damage, health issues, disputes, polarisation, broken relationships & divided societies. 

The significance of good health has evolved driving much attention to embrace changing lifestyles. With globalization, the influence of technology and the internet in our daily lives has changed at many levels. Now wealth isn’t the measure of being rich & health isn’t about fitness. But being happy, satisfied, and caring for your well-being that proposes a good quality of life is the new rich. How one manages and ropes in life being satisfied all in between the pillars of social, physical, psychological, emotional and financial factors is the key. 

With the increasing intolerance, people are failing to accept all of life’s perspectives, realities & differences. Escalating differences, provoking anger, hate and heat. Derogatory labels seem to specifically affect prejudice producing a more negative explicit and implicit evaluation of the group, suggests the latest report in the Journal of language and social psychology. 

Cause & effect are apt that can change the course of action benefiting all, perhaps to be the attitude and attitude to cancel out the negative is a necessity. And you can’t make it happen without being brave. Calling change that begins with your thinking and then reflects in words and all begins with you. 

Language is the primary social function and the consequences of disparaging language, well operate outside of people’s awareness and intention that over time impact causes disruption. 

Social media gives a window to reach and connect to people from all levels of life. The accessibility and anonymity that digital media enable have made spreading hate an epidemic that is rapidly changing social norms about the open and public expression of blatant and hostile prejudice as per the survey. Compared to offline communication like face-to-face interactions, leaflets, and political speeches, social media content can be produced instantaneously and can reach large numbers of people. 

Psychological fundamentals of antecedents and consequences lead to derogatory language and describe its prevalence particularly expansive and fast-spreading form of derogatory language as any disparaging statement referring to a social category as a whole or its members. 

Such language may consist of entire sentences or specific labels, often referring to physical traits or the animal world like cockroach or bitch. Defined broadly, derogatory language includes any type of insinuation and allegation about members of a given social category that explicitly ridicules or insults, suggests the report. 

What differentiates human beings from other living beings is our ability to think, speak, express & do things. To live not just to live day in and day out, but to thrive imagining, bring dreams into reality giving meaning to our existence all for the betterment of self and our community, society & nation. Having a purpose that manifests our abilities. Yes, humans are the most powerful of beings and with power comes responsibility. 

Being open and ready to accept all of life’s perspectives, realities, and differences being tolerant is the need. Isn’t it the failure of values & principalities that fuels INTOLERANCE, escalating differences? Fussing failing our energy, igniting hate anger revenge mentality? 

The research project: Hate of any kind is fast-spreading also in the form of language impacting the entire belief system. Words are powerful, words can motivate and inspire, and words can build someone up and also can tear them down. Your words give a window to your perception and are the index of your mental health. Society is shaped by the relationships between people and people’s judgments. Some will criticize, many will complain, some will compare & some condemn. Perception is propositional to Mental health.

Speak to others in a way they love to listen, listen to others so, they love to speak. The purpose of our existence is to fuel hope. People, to be happy to be in harmony and peace build each other up, but towards what the world is making a shift?

Words are powerful. Words have the power to heal, can bring joy or can bring pain. Words can motivate and inspire. Words can build bridges and can burn them down. Destruction and creation are a matter of tongue.

When we speak well it attracts good, and it is human nature people love to surround themselves with good and live around good. What you say impacts others & yourself too which reflects in your thinking and reforms your environment.

Recently in a super powerful interview loaded with a perfect amalgamation of intelligence, mesmerizing beauty, motivation and inspiration among the world’s two gorgeous ladies. Beauty queen Ms Sushmita Sen and Mrs Funny Bones. The promo of the interview was a revelation manifesting how now the use of derogatory words is becoming a fad or must as needed for the sake of piercing the algorithm to fetch maximum spread? 

Have a look; 


Well, the point is to comprehend that issues that are real and need urgent attention need to be escalated, debated and practised in action all for the sake of women’s rights, to be at par in the present society. Is it really necessary to use shallow words or language to uplift voices for women’s rights? Or for that matter any movement that needs and demands justice? 

Sure women needn’t be bechari, but then surely she needn’t be bitch either?! Isn’t being Brave is enough? 

Women you are Brave to be, you needn’t be bechari or bitch. Humility is strong, arrogance is weak. There will always be a moment when you will feel powerless, such moments will come dressed smartest, only to remind you, that you are a woman oh so weak but the purpose is to defeat all that make you go shallow and stay there when you need to rise.

The moments that set you to realise oh being kind isn’t fragile.  But let me tell you your empathy, your compassion and your humility are not weaknesses but strengths. And your attitude is your strongest skill. 

Gently you can shake the world, being a woman being blunt you can be nice, being elegant you can be fierce, and friends can set clear boundaries. It often takes more courage to be silent than to scream at top of one voice, Stillness to move, Understanding to comprehend, Gentleness to be strong and Compassion to be resolute.

Recently the government of India has tabled a proposal that calls for a ban on the derogatory word. Why now? Sure there is a need. With power comes great responsibility, and celebrities, leaders & policymakers have a role to make in bringing the change for good. Mental health issues are increasing and language plays a crucial role in escalating or either mitigating them. 

As Far As I Know… Courage is Enough. It takes courage to speak kind words and practice peace. Kind words are the detonator that can transform the world loading with blasting harmony and peace. Words are like a magic spell that immediately changes your mood. Isn’t it obvious we love to spend time with people who appreciate us and motivate us? Who share ideas and bring new insight to us. Likewise speaking in this manner we influence others, people follow us, and they love to spend time with us. With words, we can bring your world into existence. What you speak you create. 

Well having said that is this the world we are happy to live in which is our creation in the present times? Polarisation, Hate, Anger, anxiety, depression, and fear are on the rise consequently the hate that is potent to collapse nations. Speaking kindness and respect and being courageous to place our point is a need and act of leaders of present times. What the world needs are leaders who speak the truth quietly and calmly being respectful for they are loved and people follow them then actions and attitudes, they say with power comes responsibility. 

Patience and silence perhaps seem weak but are the real strength in reality, beyond a limit they serve as a superpower more powerful and can achieve what not derogatory language can? A world loaded with peace and harmony.