We have to be grateful for this life, and what makes this life more meaningful is our relationships, we thrive for, and they make us whole in existence.  We should take some time to be grateful not only for the personal bonds we have but for all of our relationships. They are in fact the most significant factor in our well-being.
However, in the present scenario and the emergence of various diversions, it seems our attention to the relationships is reducing in the quality and quantity. Not living in joint families, many in a distant relation, much single leading life, delayed kids, spending more time on the gift of technological tools the real face time has reduced.
Being virtually around with many, in real time we are leading a lonely life heading to derailment towards stress, depression, anxiety, smoking,  alcohol consumption, and more worse is physical inactivity and obesity.
What the cause of all the above said is due to lack of attention. Attention not in receiving but somewhere in the giving as well. The gift of our full attention is what; a relationship seeks for. Grandparents seek for the love of their grandchildren who are never around them, due to the change in the pace of the present life. Kids are not getting the care and attention from parents one use to have a few back decades, the sense of relationship and relatives is reducing.
We need to appreciate relationships and work at them. Tell those are important to you that you love them. Just pay attention, its simple to half-listen or not extend the full attention to other. Put down the gadgets, stop thinking about work for a moment, and give people around you, your full attention. It’s the best gift you can give someone.  Taking care of small needs, reminding or providing medicine on time to the grandparents, is such a small act however that is the world to them, your simple act of attention is presupposed faith and love.
The care of parents for their kids starts with the focus for their needs for shelter, food, education and love. A lack of adequate attention from parents can leave marks that last a lifetime. But this is not only enough, spending time, listening to their thoughts and sharing a day on activities is also important and is the real attention that kid understands.
Instead of looking into your phone, just listening carefully to the words of spouse will bring cheer to them. It is a unique way of being very simple, but infuses  joy to the relationship even if we don’t do anything significant.
Start paying attention to your loved one. Show your love with focused attention Then expand it to other relationships too.