Rejection is the right ignition which lit the never-ceasing flame of love.  The unseen impression of circumstances are fissures and let your soul inciting to the incandescence panging of pain. Consumed in the bitterness of ignorance to the limits of rage, anger-anguish ignited by the flame of devotion. We start loving our self to see it’s not wise to let tenacious take away our Joy, and this is the day when we indeed fall in love with self. Self-love is the testimony ignited out of self-protection, teaching us slowly to forget and forgive.
Self-sympathy involves treating oneself with the same love and care one did for the good friend, with the same kindness, attention, and encouragement.   When faced encountered struggles of life, or confronting personal mistakes, frustrations, and inadequacies, to self-responds with compassion rather than harsh self-judgment, recognising that imperfection is part of the shared human experience.
However, this lesson doesn’t come suddenly. When legitimate longing went unseen, the encounter with dishonour,  rejection, open issues, never-ending complaints, becomes the outcome, crossing over this long journey at the end brings self-reliance out of wisdom dominates the decision, indulge in self-love.