People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things

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Be Resilient. The Winners are Those Who Fall, But Not Fail & Are Quick To Catch Up !

People fall, who doesn’t? Nobody is perfect. We all have paucities and weaknesses. Life is about facing situations which can be challenging and hard to cope-up with. Resilience is human nature and so we overcome to rise and lead, but the winners are those who fall but not fail and are quick to catch up, be resilient.

However, this choice doesn’t come so easy. The process is not so easy and swift. People tore down of trauma need time. Bitterness rooted deep in buries need time to heal and another time to delete.

Resilience is a tendency and inbound ability of human DNA. People can be quick, some may be slow, and some may need help but eventually, we renounce to rise.

The key to deal with the trauma is to be patient and being confident, with an insight of WHY happened & HOW to cope & WHAT shall not let it repeat. And yes, with this insight one can make it. People fall again and again but the key is not to give up.

Patience and self-belief being resilient are as much important as much as patience, belief and faith of loved ones. 

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