There is no phase in the life of a butterfly that indicates the upcoming joy. Yet, it keeps following the destined path and the outcome is nothing more than a miracle, ie its “destiny”. What has to happen will happen anyway, be joyous anyway. If you are hit hard of a time, your path demands to go through the hell and sacrifice, keep going anyway.
Never give up no matter what. There cannot be darkness forever. If you faint to fall, don’t be discouraged, surrender and utilize the time to rest, introspect.What the caterpillar thought of was the end of life master calls it a butterfly. 
When one is tired of suffering and faints to fall, unlike the pupa phase, it’s then, when the soul awakens if bends to the whisper of the divine. Positive perception and desire to accept the disappearance of all not letting thoughts, embracing the transformation with the courage of throwing away timidity. The outcome is the beautiful marvelous butterfly.
Butterfly count not months but moments, cheering the time, and it has all enough that is supposes to have.