You have a choice, always!
What you choose defines you,
Not people’s point of view.
Believe in people, and let things be,
The way they are. Or, Belief in yourself,
Own your choice & change the way the things are. Anyways people are going to believe you sooner or later. That’s how life is – the world is; People believe in what you make them to Believe.

Be brave, put all energies to bend your soul. Swing, till the end & very likely you will replace the fear & the loose ends with confidence. Being happy while truthful is the strongest foundation, Grace & Courage is a deadly combination. Try not to fit into this world or belong being conceding to creep. Believe in yourself, be the sacred version of Yourself.

Strength does not come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

Working on dreams that are set at the zenith of the future, and you need the energy to pursue. Stop giving energy to the past now in present, hope for the future and stop running. Past powers you up so you perhaps walk in the Grace holding onto courage. Do it now!

Feeding information is good but fueling influence is better that ignites spark & passion fueling hope for a better future. Efficacy once evoked need not the external source to carry on. The light one cannot fill in mind but, always the unextinguished wave is a sign of incandescence. Leaders, teacher, the influence parents or friends know the difference.