Trust your vibes, Energy never lies,
Your gut is the whisper of the Divine.
Believe in yourself and follow your dreams.
Follow your heart, follow your calling.
And you’ll become what you are created to be.

Never give up on what you want to do. They say the person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts. Facts, well… isn’t this true that in the present world where people are floating in scales of information and the data facts boost the outcome as a success already, even before success is accomplished in reality- Data itself?

But then they say dreams are the castles built over clouds and are good till one hasn’t had to live in them. But then as the old saying goes: is also true, “man builds and God brings it to accomplishment “.

My point in the case of this data and dream analogy is: “In this world where people thrive for something more, something extra, startups are the gateway to achieve extra and not just that extra to be but to become extraordinary. Pioneerdom provides an open horizon to accomplish success for self and associates while one creates to establish successful narratives.

But to the surprise, the research of recent times has a different retelling. It reveals despite deep research, data analysis, and studies the startup world is finding it difficult to start making profits, many fall to ashes before they see the rise and growth.

So what can be the formula? Well, there is no formula or shortcut to success and strategies play a crucial role. Yes, one can’t ride on horses driven by data, though it helps equally & is necessary. But the gut is the GPS that works especially in the situation of critical challenges, it’s better to follow your bliss.

Let me share some facts from history and facts from the research of recent times that manifest why it is necessary and important to first believe in yourself before you rely on others’ support or on the world of supporting data.

In the year 1883 when Mr. John Augustus Roebling proposed his dream to connect the city of Manhattan and Brooklyn, whoever heard of this big dream conveyed appreciation for the idea but with a “but” perpetuating rejection based on facts while wishing him well. Facts pointed him to drop the idea of the dream as the dream was none less than the construction of castles in the clouds.

But, despite the naysayers, John Augustus Roebling continued the construction of his dream to transform it into reality though he faced immense difficulties following the way forward. Mr. Roebling, an engineer, had developed his method for weaving wire cables, which became one of the leading constructional components of the bridge designs of his time.

With the initiation of the works problems too started kicking in., Mr. Roebling died at the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge’s construction due to an accident on site. Later his son, Washington Roebling who was leading the charge as chief engineer suffered a crippling attack of decompression sickness and was forced to be confined to his apartment.

But Roebling never gave up believing in the dream of his late father and continued to direct operations with the help of his wife, Emily Warren Roebling, observing with field glasses and sending messages to the site with her assistance.

As the situation wasn’t worse enough a compressed-air blast wrecked a pneumatic caisson slowed the work. A severe fire smoldered for weeks in another caisson, a cable that parted from its anchorage on the Manhattan side and crashed into the river, and the fraud perpetrated by a steel-wire contractor necessitated the replacement of tons of cable. The whole incident consumed the lives of at least 20 workers during construction, and many more suffered decompression sickness, but they never gave up.

Upon the completion of the bridge, which seems to be far from reality finally gets completed, Ms.thrust Emily rode the first carriage across from the Brooklyn side, carrying a rooster as a symbol of victory. The bridge’s opening was followed by much celebration and was attended by the then U.S. Pres. Chester A. Arthur.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to love yourself unconditionally. Doubt your……” doubts” not yourself. The best gift for self is the “Gift of Wisdom”. Beware of naysayers and also of false expectations from others. Banish Fear and Believe in yourself. Your success will come from running your race and following principles, Be hot or cold but nay the lukewarm, even lukewarm water people don’t drink. When you believe in yourself others believe in you.

Data and research help people to estimate the rate of success with a higher rate of approval but the difference between an idea that establishes success is more about your gut feeling, says the recent research. Deliberative decision strategies have historically been considered the surest path to sound decisions and success.

For a very simple reason, the conscious focus is automatic to the gut calling leads to superior objective and subjective decision quality even for complex decisions. Feeling that people encounter challenges has no power to stop you and this determination becomes a much bigger reason for success.

Failures hold no power to pin you down, challenges even serve as motivation when you are determined & work with your gut focused on the vision. Research affirms going with your gut can result in better decision-making than using detailed data methods. Further, the research even shows data that people with gut instinct and simple decision-making strategies may make good, faster decisions than those who use data to reach an outcome.

They say the person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts. Based on his guts & on the review of his 8 years old daughter, Bloomsbury decided to publish the book rejected by more than dozens of leading publishing houses that thrust J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter to success.

One hundred twenty-two digital, publishing, advertising, and software companies find that especially under the condition of high uncertainty the decision-making based on data is not optimal, perhaps this may explain why to harry potter series was rejected by various renowned publications made success when Bloomsbury took forwards based on a review of her 8years old daughter who’s face lit up with the reading the matter even for less than an hour. The publisher said in support… that classics like Winnie the Pooh or like the books of Roald Dahl or C.S. Lewis will go on.

So one can comprehend the whole strategy is based not on the potential of the idea but also on knowing your customer’s needs. The icing on the cake is this need of the client is never going to vanish. It may change though it may evolve with time. Imagination to children is a synonym.
but will not vanish.

The research also curtails with conviction to the helm of ninety above percent. Fortune 1000 companies reporting increased investment in data initiatives, although it appears this may not always be necessary. Major successful decisions are the outcome because of choosing what most people wanted with the greatest quantity of optimism and teaming with experienced people.

The research also shows that data-driven decision-making is not the elixir in all situations and may not result in increased accuracy when facing uncertainty. In extreme uncertainty trust, expertise, and instincts work, said Dr.the  Oguz A. Acar