Working in a hospital is exhausting. Apart from IPDs & OPD patients, you are surrounded by visitors & attendees. Then you have sudden loud voices catching up to bone chill, patients in critical conditions brought by 108, the emergency helpline ambulance.  

What I am mentioning isn’t some script from a television soap or movie but a hardcore reality of people working at Trauma Hospitals. Amid all the scenarios holding on to the pulse and staying cool all not to lose cool is the first requirement for the caregivers in the emergency department. 

The caregivers serve and save the lives of the people hit out of trauma or any other emergency which is their usual routine. And let me tell you despite this stressful working routine they stay psychologically, emotionally, and physically quite balanced and fit and can take prompt action at the time of need.

You know, what keeps them going all cool? It’s a positive attitude. It may sound strange but let me tell you before your education, your qualification, your degree, and your skills what matters is your mindset. A positive mindset helps you to do the job or tasks well perfect. A firm coping mechanism with a positive mindset is the need for every health care worker whether maybe, Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors, or supporting staff. 

Soul Conjunction life

So, what lets these caregivers get going each day, day in and day out from year to year carrying high on panache that is common among all health care workers? It’s a positive attitude. Despite all the misery, negative scenarios, sickness, and surfing they keep hoping and believing that the things will get better. 

Hoping and sharing the same hope of recovery and good life ahead with the patients is the essence. Perhaps one can say this sense of hope burgeons out of the calling, and I confess that is the only reason out of my understanding of the people who just do not choose to work but thrive in the hospitals & hospitality industry, their calm and optimistic attitude. 

What I have found profound in the past years here at the hospital is, that it’s all by choice and not by chance people choose this profession, a Profession to serve with humility and dedication. The revelation of the past decades of my understanding is: that in any hospital the substance is “CARE”. We all are surrounded by each other, “We the Caregivers” and we together are the source of energy for each other. 

Well, have you ever noticed apart from the caregivers at the hospitals there are a set of professionals master at their work who 24×7 extend the service of caregiving without mention?  Yes, they are at our home, they are the homemakers. Mothers / women who are head over heels 24*7  to provide unconditional love and care. 

Whether it’s about their kids, parents, relatives, or anybody who needs support. Women are the leading population in any hospitality industry. Many are working with us and are performing all these job roles. And the truth is they go short of energy and need to feel for themselves. Does this sound familiar? 

You love and value your role as a caregiver. But then, the truth is you too want to enjoy the time you have with your family and your loved ones being fully present. Here the key word is “fully present”. You want to meet everyone’s needs & somewhere along the journey, you lose all the connection with your own body, your mind, and your soul. Your likes and dislikes, and your choices that you are now least aware of.

To not just live but to thrive one has to reconnect in synchronization with body mind soul, adventurous dreams, and your independent self. But then you go out of energy for yourself? So here are my ideas on what you can do for yourself. The truth is everyone has challenges and lessons to learn, we wouldn’t be who we are without learning improvising and developing a robust coping mechanism and a support system. Here I am sharing the tips taken from mothers & women at our hospital, who are in the role of working as caregivers 24*7. 

How can you start for yourself apart from your job role and all the labels that you carry? 

Well, the source of the strength of a strong core is Self-love and self-care. A Paradoxes: self-love and selflessness. As said: by Ann Richards, ” If you think taking care of yourself is selfish, change your mind. If you don’t, you’re simply ducking your responsibilities.” To get the love you have to give and one can’t give away what they don’t have for themselves. 

It’s significant to comprehend that burnout is not over-drive energy but a short circuit. What self-care shifts can create for mommies, for ladies, the caregivers that make one feel rejuvenate from exhausted to energized?The key step is awareness, acceptance, and self-review, all to find the void and fill the gap within self. Acceptance, correction, self-talk, and betterment via taking time out for self-love & care. Taking a personal inventory of how you want to feel and why, how your health is now, and what your top priority is, can help you make meaningful synergy in cognizance of your objectives.

Certainly, the choice demands stepping out of your comfort zone to follow a discipline, dedication, and attention upfront and shall find all worth a thousand dime at the later progressive stage. The Only challenge is to prioritize yourself and keep it a continuous process. Self-care is like an oxygen mask, if you will not take up for yourself you won’t be able to save others too.

The true challenge is often allowing yourself to focus on your own needs and desires. Being yourself and not falling into comparisons. Never compare yourself, for there’ll be always be someone greater and better than yourself and it may turn you vain and bitter. The process of evoking your understanding of yourself may include some intense feelings: Let’s say your energy audit helps to delineate your time and energy graph. To ensure you aren’t wasting energy infighting but utilizing in building yourself and others.  Creating a win-win situation is the crux of the process as a mother. Your whole world revolves around your spouse & kids and failing to pay them attention leads you to a guilt trip.  

What you can do is : 

+ Involve your kids. Moms often put their kids first when planning daily routines, but many routines can be shaped (or reshaped) to meet everyone’s needs. 

  • Little kids often love to help. 

  • Never compare them nor their work performance, encourage and appreciate them and see their provocative energy in action. 

  • Bigger kids often want you to be happy. Your goals and action steps can involve them. 

  • Sometimes, you can make it a game. 

  • Sometimes, you can make it a teaching moment about being healthy and setting boundaries. 

  • Ask for help. When I ask “who could you turn to for support,” many moms have plenty of ideas, but they’ve never asked. 

  • Whatever your passion, things become from good to great when done with the help & involvement of a loved one. 

  • Shy not to ask and seek help. You manage and delegate tasks at work, and do the same as you are shy to do at home. Your kids and spouse involve them. 

Tiny self-care shifts can start to move the needle from exhausted to energized self. Start where you are and you may be amazed where you go.

Self-love is to be selfless and is not about materialism or comparison but embracing spirituality. Not doing so, leads to competition, judgment, envy, self-pity & mean mentality, resulting in what people define as TOXIC POSITIVITY.

Think how remarkable is to be un-duplicatable and idiosyncratic. It’s a miraculous thing to be thankful for your panache and your uniqueness. You are an original, a masterpiece, people will come and go over the phase of earth and none shall be like you. This is the power of your being. 

You have Light within, how can this light be the source of negativity the toxicity? Well, it’s when you fail to acknowledge, accept & recognize the Light in others. A perception that you build? Peace within is peace in the world, don’t be busy pointing fingers at others. For what you practice your family copy. Your home is your first influence platform. Where ever it may be, home or hospital strong sense of belonging among the team is the crux. You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome,people are energy people are power, they can make you or break you.  the power is in the people, the power is people knit together tight, family or professional life. 

Bless your Panache!

Being you is your greatest blessing,

Or else you would have been created as something else. 

Be yourself ‘and let the world know who you are.

The journey from fall to scars, anger to envy, jealousy to hate, 

Empathy to Healing, Letting Go to Mending, compassion to Grace.

Becoming a healer, the manifestation of Love. 

The Best Version Of Yourself.