Make Yoga Way of Living, Because Yoga is Science of Living! Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which holds the essence of both art and science proving much beneficial for a healthy living. Yoga focuses on bringing harmony between our mind and body and soul., its holistic approach affects all walks of life and thus prevent and promote health and well being. As the performance of yoga brings mental peace, taking up yoga as a lifestyle builds physical and mental stamina. With the proven benefits and of yoga, the ancient old art and science of exercise, Yoga is picking up popularity across the globe. Yoga not only effective in the management of some diseases but also holds the power of providing relief to the regular performers from mental, emotional stress and unrest and so is considered as a way of healthy living style. As per the ancient scriptures, the practice of yoga establishes the connection of one's consciousness with that of the universe indicating perfect harmony between the mind, body and nature. Yoga invokes the self-conscious leading to self-realization to overall kind of sufferings leading to the state of liberation ceasing healing, of the mind, which leads healing of the body. Exercising during pregnancy with proper precautions is a gentle way of keeping your body active. Yoga is one such safe form of exercise for pregnant women. The practise of yoga during pregnancy under the yoga expert results in benefits such as the reduction in labour pain and safe delivery.