Communication for the sake of talking or making conversation in any relationship is often the cause of unsuccessful communication between partners. Communication in any relationship at the core is connection says, relationship expert Tony Robbins. The lifeblood of any existing relationship is not just talking but more about sharing in action what you talk. There are six fundamental needs that all humans share, and each of us puts these needs in a different order, knowing which matter most to the partner helps to satisfy the communication in a relationship equation.
The certainty of any relationship is the first human need. The primary human need is the need for certainty. It’s this need that drives us to seek out pleasure and avoid pain, stress and emotional risks. How secure is my partner feeling in our relationship? Is there certainties in the commitment or the thing are not more than game of gamble. What makes your partner confident and makes them feel stable? These are the question one needs to be clear in any relationship.
Surprises are always welcome for many, but many a time can be scary. However, any relationship defiantly calls for variety and surprises as they call for excitement and fun. However, facing the unexpected builds the character and our ability to extract more from life. Healthy challenges in the relationship which the partners can tackle together ensure a growing together too.
Growth is the third human need tells experts, because the human experience is one of motion. We always endeavour to evolve along the different paths that interest us the most, whether these are intellectual, emotional, spiritual or professional. Your partner needs growth as much as you do. When was the last time you supported your partner’s growth or does she supported back? Are you passionate to help each other?
The significance is said to be the fourth human need. How unique and valuable is your relationship to you? Feel of existence is the key in this particular part because it’s equally essential for you and your partner to know, how much one is important to another and how much you singularly need each other.  How do you demonstrate to your partner, not just tell them, that they are significant to you?
The connection and love is the fifth need. Every human needs to feel connected with each other. Knowing that we are loved makes us feel more alive. The absence of love plants pain in us which nothing else can heel. Being in connection to resolve conflict is not the right if we fail to put the words into action. Spending more time in togetherness like watching television or cooking together sharing hands in household activities work much to establish the secure connection and love. Instead of saying much often to your partner, “I Love you”, to resolve conflicts and forget to show respect.


The factor experts evaluate as key in communication for a healthier relationship is a contribution. The secret to living is giving. Contribution towards the partner in a relationship determines who we become and solidifies our legacy. The contribution of material to realistic things does matter. Are you giving your time,   undivided attention, the benefit of the doubt and a second chance?