People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things


Conditioning the weakness to be the Cornerstone is the game changer from unhappy being to a Happy Soul.

What we all want at the end of the time is to be a happy being. Happiness is infectious and a happy soul inherit it. Happy people spread and share happy vibes making atmosphere positive and bright a free mind does it all with ease out of any expectancies.  Building new energy and creating more meaning full life incorporating meaningful ways for self and others all selflessly.

A happy soul is a free spirit, that dreams believe and achieve set goals of life however, the path to a free life is not all at easy.  Many times we come across at that juncture of life, where taking a decision and following it with a committed mind all in resolute and focused towards the goals is difficult but is of utter necessity and much importance.

A continuous struggle within oneself makes it’s hard to decide, whether to keep the resolve or to let go aspiration of reaching for the skies. Fighting against the weakness is a painful process and hard to withstand, but that is what is necessary.

To be free is all that we desire, one can release and release the joy of happiness in realia when one is free. But then the fear to let go or fear of failure grasps us and bind us more. This becomes the cycle out of our human nature.

We tend to follow the routine, the human mind is wired that whatever is convenient we excel in it. To achieve and to quench that everlasting urge for the success to be free we must push the wall of fear within and have to transform down the urge to achieve into action.

Key to be free is to Know well within what’s your weakness is, and to get rid of it. If you cannot, CONDITION it, so, it may turn into your STRENGTH.
One cannot be FREE inspirited with irrelevant baggage over Soul.
We know it, still finds it hard to act on it, to achieve it.

Breaking out through the habit of routine, grinding the glass ceiling of convenience and threshing out of comfort zone is the key to overcome the fear. The process is painful, but to get your desired dream you have to withstand this pain and get rid of all the hurdle that limit.

Getting rid of is painful and hard but in the end, you will realise it’s lesser than the pain of regret, that “you never tried to give your best shot”. Yes, the pain of perseverance is better than the pain of regret. This is what we have been thought from decades.

Many have a million thoughts in mind, however, the winner is the one who, hold the breath till it breaks into the wall which is hard to push, and that comes only with the never giving up tendency.

Truth is, the wise is who never let the hurdles turn one down the enthu, but is conscious enough to condition these causes of failure and convert them to cornerstones. Ultimately the crux is to never give up and win eventually to be the free inspirited soul.

What held us back to be free Soul? Is the fear of failure or the fear of letting go?

Truth is it’s our own mind, our mind is “meaning machine”, which keeps searching meaning to everything, meaning we choose of our own out of our convenience. Our mind likes to remain in comfort zone and that is the fear to which it weaves tantrum infusing fear that restricts the letting go of weakness and that tells stories to boost us more to stay within the comfort zone.

Psychologist Peter Johnson under his TED talk on subject “choice blindness” mentions we flick and trick inside ourselves for the answers what we want, the truth is we ourself don’t know what we actually want.

Choice blindness is a phenomenon where we convince our mind of the existence of a thing that we want, though it is not there. There is no fear of letting go or, fear of failure. But, it is our preconceived concept that is based on the experience of experience. Self-knowledge that we already know the answer is the concept mind follows and play.

Once the selection of thought is forced at the mind, the rationalization is an analysis of biases of ease or convenience, the outcome is the preconceived idea mind already had experienced.

The clear manifestation that things are the things and happiness is the happiness, and when you in-seed this thought in your mind, What you will get back is the answer to be free of fear or failure. Let the thing be the thing; let your happiness be your happiness. Done. Says, Psychologist Peter Johansson.

To figure out the fear and fighting out to conquer is not the key, or holding our some convention that someday will have it all. Accepting the truth and accepting the truth that the whole thing is inherently meaningless, and so better let those hurdles be the stepping stone, well climb over and reach to the highest potential instead of fighting back to overcome of it.

The happiness lies in, giving up the fight, “Divert the energy, conditioning the weakness to be the cornerstone, know that you don’t know your self and at least as well as you think and so there are many things you think you can’t do but actually you can. Try, enjoy, and be at peace.”

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