By hurting and damaging Mother Nature will human ever be able to survive? The existence of humanity is dependent on Nature, but mother earth is in danger.

Her agony and screams shall not go untouched of mankind. The environment we live in is her home, that proposes our life – our vibes, the life of human and yes we want it Healthy it to be. Right?

Glaciers began to melt, climate crises were high, pollution and population all the outcome of humans thrust for development turned out to be a cakewalk over the face of the mother earth.

That was the high time to take action and incorporate them into our daily lives and we failed. We ignored calling of Mother Earth, her screams, her suffering wearing a fake mask as nothing is happening.

Man, who cannot create life is soaked in selfishness, setting the unborn babies to die. Tornado, volcano, landslides, wildfires, these all were a reflection of the pain of Mother Earth seeking our consciousness as she took sufferings over herself.

The loss of peace, hello choking mind surviving engulfed in the suffering, souls under depression, now the world is terrified of COVID-19.

Now is the time, correct DIABOLIC WAYS OF LIVING LIFE and as they say, “live & let live”, though this is not the choice but the ONLY CHOICE, to live in harmony & peace with Nature, Our Mother Earth. Defeat COVID 19, keep doing the right things.

My this song; Corona Grills, urging ALL to change your will, is an appeal to every individual and every person on key position, to the governments and to the nations, take action so Mother Earth may heal and eventually our life.

Sure a terrifying future, future with COVID 19, or similar like viruses that not nurture but infiltrate danger and restricts life, who wish to give such life to the next generation?

Yes, we all hope for life proposing humanity, embracing the freedom to laugh, sharing love & living in light Rising & Shining. This a dream now that can be a reality only with one CHOICE, a choice to live in harmony with Mother Earth when we will choose sustainable development and surrender to sustainability.

Lyrics ;
Corona Grills, urging ALL to change your will,
Corona Grills, urging ALL to change your will,
Banish greed & huger for more, Surrender to social distancing, loving life more.

Face off the fake masks, respect the relation & vows, tie to modesty surrendering to life more.

Corona grills, urging All to change your will,
Corona Grills, urging ALL to change your will,
We ravaged our forests, oceans, speechless animals were killed. How their screams may go unheard by Divine?

To every action, there is a reaction, Mother Nature warned mankind. Corona grills, urging ALL to change your will. Corona Grills, urging ALL to change your will.