Before you start reading, just give a thought, How many times before in your past life you had lit up the lamp/candles or had used light as decoration to ignite happy cheerful vibe? To share the message; Yes, I am looking forward to more laugh, love, life? 

Yes, exactly, this is what I mean, All positive stuff, right? We light up the lamps/candles in hope of more, already assuming we have what we are wishing for. 

This time its a call to light up the world with Love, Care and Selflessness. With the WORLD UNDER attack of COVID-19, diabolic is trying to infuse mind distort life. Increasing infection and risk to life, people are called to live a quarantine life. 

Who doesn’t go through the negative situation in life? These are the grim days of life, what we need more is to support each other and boost each other up with optimism. 

The call of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, first to clap along, sharing the gesture of Gratitude towards all who are on forefront, and now to light up the lamp is an act of invoking collective consciousness. 

Life happens to us all, all the time. This time the act of ignorance has a vicious tight grip, to fight out this diabolic we have to act along in the right spot.

The common thing that connects all humans is the perception of individuals that see the differences embodied as similarities of difference, however, all have a common purpose and that is the Creation.

The Cosmos & The Soul have one ultimate Goal, Purposeful Creation. Let’s come together to create OPTIMISM. 

The winner is who knows, how to crush down negativity under the heel to transform them as stepping stones, the stairways that lead one to succeed life. 

LIGHTING up the candles/lamp is one such act of prayer to Divine seeking forgiveness and hoping it’s received, seeking healing and to be curse free of the COVID-19 disease. 

People under lockdown, away from jobs, with worried thoughts, will they receive salaries? Employers under pressure with restricted cash flow, Millions of daily wagers in despair and hunger and rage. How to ignore the plight of those, who lost life and love in the fight against this COVID. Things and days the world never contemplated before, Medics treating & caring patients with fingers crossed.

Vulnerable as never before mankind is pindown on knees out of its own ignorance and vulnerability. And they say, when you are on your knees, that is the best time to pray. Let’s pray together. The way the power of gravity holds and has total control over us but is unseen, similarly is the power of supreme, GOD. 

As going against the law of gravity causes us to harm, similarly going away from divinity which we term wrong or dark. This understanding of this fact is called wisdom and wisdom is an attribute of God. 

Wisdom is doing the right thing. 

The soul resides in every human being, it is the portion of the divine supreme. The soul is the light of God and its tendency is to incline towards the source i.e, right or as we say the light of God.

“I am “, an individual being, the portion of God and God’s spirit resides within every individual which is our soul. God is the creator of the universe. The universe comprises of physical and spiritual elements, where science explains its physical phenomenon, spirituality defines its cosmos nature.

When our conscious synchronizes with divine optimism prospers healing life. Affirm your faith and light up the candles/ lamps of hope. Research proves the power of people who think positively. It suggests that an optimistic attitude helps us be happier, more successful, and healthier. 

Optimism can protect against depression, deprived situation, people who are sick or risk of it. An optimistic outlook makes people more resistant to stress and sickness. Optimism even helps people live longer, hopefully, Optimist will establish the strongest fight and win against COVID-19