By Hurting and damaging Mother Nature would humans will be able to survive? The existence of humanity is dependent on Nature, but mother earth is in danger,  it is high time to take action and incorporate them into our daily lives.  

Who will care for Mother Earth and her well being? Her face is covered with PLASTIC, she is suffocating and suffering. Screaming out loud, unable to breathe, mother Earth is reacting in rage showering anger showering scorching heat.
 Butterflies, one of the sensitive and beautiful creatures, their number has been reduced to “84%” tells report due to temperature rise. This is shockingly saddening.
What can be done, why any action we don’t take? What can be done, what cannot and should not be? While stepping forwards catching up with the development pace, is it necessary to hurt nature, with this machine mentality?
Parents at present are busy, taking up outdoors with a health perspective is only the priority. Outings are no more convenient rather when a variety of food is readily available at the click of fingertips.
Mommy is so busy having no time to cook, daddy working overseas. Owning a big home and a good education is a necessity. The future and advancement we seek but, would there will be a future to see?
There were happy times, once in a blue moon, people use to go out for family time. Now the happiness is hard to trace, authentic moments are running out of grace. ZOMATO, SWIGGY, CALL FREE and  FOOD PANDA, multiple applications are downloaded on the phone, online catering is the option alone.
Young Students are out away from home, young kids are home alone.  They get what they want to eat while mommy is busy and papa is on work trips overseas.
Delivery boy honk and one run down to fetch delivery, it’s yummy hot and spicey supplied in plastic accessories. The influence of numbers grades in lives is impacting high, the influence of technology is crashing the usual and weekend vibes.
Now there is no dependency on a weekend or holidays for fun, they call food at doorsteps all around the seasons. Paper money was hard for parents to keep a check on, but the digital wallet is what, details out the expenses announced/unannounced.
 Whatever Genz wish, they are free to get hands-on too, there is no limit on purchase nor value for reuse. Health is of no concern, pizza and pasta are regular and not fun food.
But with the changing scenario, & the ways lifestyle has changed, with the emergence of rising population and advancement of technology, Climate Change has become a challenge for every human.
The report suggests online food delivery services have resulted in a 25% to 30% increase in sales, and so has the consumption of plastic.  Plastic is easy to made and very cost-efficient, hence the production of plastic goods and plastic production has exploded in recent years. Though plastic products are recycled, the fact is, 91% of plastic goods are not recycled.
The launch of startups generate money, they provide occupation to the outcome of bombarding the population. But also, the methods for the race of earning money, are hurting nature and are causing a natural calamity. The used plastic products find their way to end into the rivers, lakes, oceans or sea.
Every day, more plastics are added to the ocean by various waterways. From coastal regions alone, between 5.3 million and 14 million tons of plastic find their way to the oceans or seas.  Report from the green peas suggests that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean is expected to ‘outweigh the fishes.
Out of 700 known water species, many have already been declared endangered, many have got badly affected by plastic pollution. Humongous  Whales have fallen the highest victim of plastic contamination.
Life is ruled by the internet and social media. Happiness depends upon the number of likes and shares. How people are transforming from human nature to being beast all in sophistication one cant see, all leaving plastic and carbon footprints that are more as poison for the mother earth, the only home of living beings.
Enough talks on problems, but how we can save? Our mother nature is in pain and rage. How each one of us can contribute to fighting climate change? What change we can bring in our lifestyle to secure our future on this planet the sole one, that’s nurture life. Adults should realize that what the most important for them is to provide a sustainable future for their children and hence one must change the way of living.
It’s Nature that breathes soul into us, it is the cause of our existence. The change in climatic conditions is raising the fair alarm that mother nature is in pain. Show and act all in CARE for our Mother Earth. The task is big but slowly studly together the people can bring in the change.  7.7  Billion People on the face of the earth, if we just change our ways. As said for a full bucket every drop counts, so does each one of us, together we can.

Let’s come together to build a society that surrenders to sustainability. Oceans sustain all life on earth, a sustainable future is only that we can have. How individuals can contribute to a sustainable future?

How? Here are some clues:

 If communities can come up together to protect plastic production. One of the most practical solutions to the plastic problem is to prevent plastic from being made in the first place.

 *Brands have a responsibility to produce less, and consumers have a responsibility to consume less.

 *Stop throwing away plastic. Stop using plastic bags, small size water bottles. Try to reuse the product, as much as you can.

 *Stop purchasing wrapped in plastic, fruits and Vegetables.*Collaborate with nature to live a healthy life.

 *Don’t cut into piece plastic while opening open any packet of, Chips, milk packets, water pouches, foil pouches, small sachets etc items, the small piece left and later thrown into the garbage is difficult to segregate and recycle.

Without Government support and involvement, the task is not possible to achieve. The government of India must implicit and support.

        Introduction of Plastic Banks: Plastic Banks are such universal stores that exchange goods of necessity against plastic waste from individuals and form corporate as well.  Everything from school tuition to cooking fuel and more is available for purchase in exchange for plastic garbage. This waste/litter is later is sorted, shredded and sold to brands that reuse “social plastic” in their products.
IN Indonesia PEOPLE can pay bus fare with plastic waste instead of money

 Legalization: Disposable Food-ware must to legalized. Govt should promote and benefit startups in the business of  Disposables.

 Food vendors should be provided with good waivers for use recyclable alternatives for cutlery items not available or reasonably priced in compliant compostable formats. Food vendors offering to eat “on the premises” (eat-in) may only use reusable food ware (durable/washable) for eating-in.

 The government should provide technical Assistance and Mini-Grants will be available to support food vendors in establishing new facilities and practices to meet reusable eat-in footwear requirements.

 Bottle brick, a technology started nine years ago in India, is still not popular. This technology is providing a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional building bricks. Corporate should come forwards take up such working ideas up to commercial levels.