Mind your mind.

You know it’s the human tendency to focus on successful outcomes and ignore the non-survivors or failures. You know it is easy to fall into the trap of bias because what we focus on is always an achievement and success and never or maybe lessor on the causes that cause failures. 

Well, the point in case is, that when we behold the failures and the causes it helps us to comprehend well on taking a course of correction. “Do not armour the wings or tails, armour the engine those are the plains have not survived”, says Abraham Wald after his research conducted on the cause of aeroplane crashes in world war II when the American Air Force Suffered over 88000 casualties during the war. 

Growth demands intelligent work within the same resource, your time, your strength and life hustle that are the constants and working in between these lines calls for insight, grit and discipline. You can enjoy life more and make progress more quickly when you can pin down your fear of failure, negate what causes them and embrace the fact that adversities are opportunities to learn & grow.

To grow one has to go through facing challenges and paucity and equally important is to go back to introspection and strategies. Replay the story in your mind, what you tell yourself and to the others, where you have been? What have you done to get the new results to achieve new goals? 

But growth isn’t a straight line and is a sine wave that rides on your financial psychological physical or also your environmental factors which are significant & dominating and impact the function and the outcome. How can one forget the most hard-hit of time: “the covid crisis “, that distorted lives out of nowhere. 

Ever seen an athlete how did s/he go way back before leaping forward? All to gain vision, momentum, rhythm and leverage. Life demands the same step back, reflect, retrospect, reform, rejuvenate, to comprehend and behold all that caused failure earlier. 

A simple basic course of action that people miss in real life. Why?

Because the weight of the “thinking hat”, has become heavier to bear in this era of instant gratification n redemption which is much now a course of life in action professional or personal. 

Depending too much on ready-made opinions is the rising trend, the opinions that are cooked out of motivations fueled by hidden incentives. More and more problems and solutions and uncovering ideas and options are beyond people’s comprehension & they are overlooked homogeneously.

What may appear in reality is never the cause of either the victory or the failure. Referring to past actions and the outcome is one of the intelligent and essential courses of action. Many success stories that we witness all but not all, make us successful, for we fall into a cognitive bias that in the long run becomes the cause of trips and falls. 

We all heard the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin who came up with the promise to get the villagers to get rid of the rats and it took no time for him to make the villagers follow his tune and it was, in the end, the whole village drowned into the river. 

It’s like following a bagpiper all for his charm and then you hack with what the tune it plays. You are forever lost in his charm all till the end to draw in the river. Do you know what is very dangerous, far more dangerous than the wrong outcome? It’s not a lack of courage to take action, not even procrastination but the most dangerous is not thinking and following the cognitive bias.

Activate your sense of reasoning, your curiosity, and your creativity and that prevents you from the trip ‘and fall. It won’t be wrong to say the reason is too much comfort and convenience. Truth is if you are going to take the barber’s opinion for your hair you will end up undergoing a pair of scissors. 

That is what happens when you follow the masses, the clutter of chaos creates a fog and you trip failing to observe the causes of failures. To make the right decision one has to develop a sense of reasoning, motivations and plans and coping mechanisms. All that can happen when you are aware.  

Remember the cause of the titanic ship sinking? It was not its huge size but that iceberg that they failed to track. It’s not always a way-forward journey that calls for success but equally to skip all that which does not let one succeed. When you are following the masses you fail to see the small little things that matter most. And happens when you are confident when you believe in yourself before you put faith in others. 

Power to others about self mustn’t be more than a pinch of salt. What we become are the motivations, always checking on incentives it’s a powerful force that shapes people’s behaviour.

How can one fetch the right judgment in the present scenario when every action is market-oriented and money-driven? The trend that automatically leads you to a house of huge benefits at hidden cost in this world of heuristics. 

It’s a mental shortcut, a strategy of generalization, reduces cognitive load and can be effective for making immediate judgments, however, they often result in irrational or inaccurate conclusions and are becoming an increasing trend to influence the masses. 

How does bias or information trap work? 

Information trap works with three elements:

Overconfidence | Narrow framing | Confirmation bias.

A decision trap can be described as a thought process that can lead to a situation going wrong and include biases or Situational awareness. 

So how can you fight it out and declutter your mind? 

  1. Always counter questions of the questionnaire, and Don’t Make the Mistake of Anchoring Your Questions. 
  2. Think Carefully About Choosing to Maintain the Status Quo.
  3. Consider the Way You Frame Decision-Making Conversations
  4. Don’t confuse disruption with destruction, the outcome must always lead to creation and division, isn’t that what we call success?

                   Good For All. 

The so-called lessons of history are for the most part the rationalizations of the victors. History is written by the survivors. ~ Max Lerner

What are you aspiring?

What are you working for, money? What makes you Happy, money? What gives meaning to your being, is that money?