Not getting over it, not at least in this lifetime. I am a woman, and for me, women’s day is a festival of a lifetime, every day. 

Indeed, celebrating women’s day is an aristocratic event  for the women, who have faced numerous atrocities from generation to generation sharing life, sun, skies, flowers, and birds rejoicing in the beauty of the world amid its all drudgery and broken dreams and many untold stories that she carries within.  

Women do need to come together in togetherness along with the men too who helped her to bloom to dream to be themselves marking victories in the fight for their space and being, matching shoulders sharing the same vision for the next generation of girls. A free, safe, equal world loaded with the opportunity to live and learn, to grow and earn, to empower self to empower others.  

With women’s day celebration and women’s history month on, the theme of this year “DigiTALL”, provides an extra edge to extend her reach, boundaries, and presence. With millions of women coming together, bringing a lot to the cyber world, talent, abilities, essence & substance. Culture, beliefs, and differences too, all together form a whole picture. 

Sharing our femininity, bonding stronger embracing likenesses, and respecting differences. Focusing on the vision of the big picture that we all have to reach together gravitating towards global goals and embracing the beauty of our minds, body, and souls. Well the women of the world are coming together and the circle is widening and million more women are joining from far places. Bringing meaning and building their equity and worth in the world of finance and economics.  

Cyberspace is a strong medium to display her narratives, her journey from breaking the glass ceiling to marketing success stories shining in the vivid world though enclosed in the wall of their homes. Digitization is an advantage & having its limitations and challenges too. 

It’s also a place where people are projecting artificial personalities and bits of intelligence, all in erroneous ways, catching up at the conjunction of life-simulating diligence, stealing solace, falling in timidity, and losing peace of mind. 

But the truth is one can’t escape this world and the way it works. There are people with twists and tricks up on their sleeves. If you are not bold and beloved of yourself and your peace aspiration and goals it becomes easy for the world to push your buttons to turn you on to fight and flight. The need is to root within embracing all the love and care for yourself as you do for the world. 

Perhaps this gives more reasons for women to impact and influence for better for the greater good sharing her narrative of struggles and how they overcome them. Affirming “When I can, so can you”. Shares her success stories & journey to the zenith, narratives of crossing over valleys through slippery slopes, getting her grip rising  overcoming, and manifesting herself not as a victim but victorious despite all situations. 

Respect yourself, and embrace all failures and achievements and all  the the experiences. Not competing with the world to prove them, but to prove yourself by building your efficacy and affinity. They say loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance, the strongest power in the world is love, to which even the Divine bows down. 

Comparison has been the enemy since the evolution of personkind. As people’s timeshare & dependency is increasing on the Internet from life to business, it is of prime importance to comprehend the damage that happens in the cyber world. From emotional to economical and the most staunch and silent are the psychological damages. 

The loss of peace leads to the hello mind choking consciousness. Besides, it is dangerous that many people engulfed in suffering are souls under depression for the reason of virtual life. UNO data reveals 5% of the people under depression are women.

It’s important to be robust to withstand the DIGITAL network & working culture, more than ever what is needed here is to know and comprehend so that saves you time, energy, and creativity from draining down in this cyber world. It’s urgent and necessary to comprehend:

“Do not compare yourself with others else you will become vain or bitter. For always there will be someone greater or lesser than yourself.”

The quote is an excerpt from the epic compilation Desiderata by Max Ehrmann.

Well, the truth is comparison is a universal phenomenon to establish the worth and usefulness of things and objects. It fuels a sense of competition & creates chances for betterment. To pitch and place your product better in the market. Companies do conduct prior surveys to make the product compatible & competitive. One of the best to have the Best. 

All problems begin when this parameter of living and judging the materialistic world becomes the value system over-lives of people. What we are is Human our “Onlyness”, our individuality, the beauty of our souls, and how we care for the world define us. 

When you start pouring energy into external factors, like how you look, dress, talk, walk, laugh, or shop to what others like, watch,… and the list is endless…  soon you lose the sense of your being and grip over your own choices and activities. What defines you is your work and interest as an individual. You get so lost in others that you forget what your likes and dislikes are… all attributes that make you- You. You hold on to your individuality, your own substance.  “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” – Lao Tzu.

It’s high time to contemplate, what are you missing or what is misleading. Why and where are you losing your time and energy in life? Positive Vibe, Negative Vibes, Black White, left-right.? The toll of comparison is very high. These understandings now cost your health performance and individuality but you are also losing out on your love, peace, and harmony.

It’s human that we often fall into the trap of complexity & comparison, a sense of worthlessness or incompetence that leads to jealousy, faultfinding labeling self as losers into the trap of inferiority & superiority complex. Missing the substance of our individuality, the power of individuals’ persona that makes you what you are, “different”.!

Truth is this is how the world works and one can’t escape from it. The scenario of comparison facilitates you to pick up the best choices for yourself. But this sense of competition is stealing peace from the life of people, or if I say dissatisfaction is rooted in it, won’t be wrong. Because people aren’t machines or objects, being human is our element, caring, sharing, influencing, and inspiring are the characteristics that call us to be sensible and respectable.  

To be selfless requires tolerance, the greatest lesson that is running out of energy & hence all confusion. Mean mentality is on the rise. People are failing to practice compassion, kindness & selflessness in action.

Perhaps the narrative you fail to catch as affirming self-love is ignorance of its complete meaning. “Self-love is taking care of self more, to nurture a stronger core so that one can support others “. Raising your vibrations high, embracing your Mind Body Soul to the Divine, outshining your light so you can see the light in others too”.

Self-love is to be selfless and is not about materialism or comparison but embracing spirituality. Not doing so, leads to competition, judgment, envy, self-pity & mean mentality, resulting in what people define as TOXIC POSITIVITY. When comparison roots into the life of people it damages one personality and steals peace and power to the level that you become unable to perform the usual task that you used to do well earlier. 

But the truth is you will always find some people better than you and some you may see as lesser. You become conscious of the outer world always comparing yourself only to lose the complete sense of yourself. When you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for there will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Practicing Forgiveness Does Not Mean Accepting WrongDoings ~ Dalai Lama

You bring hurt upon yourself by yourself. You grieve, and you begin to play the blame game calling all emotional trauma and physical pain. Life is about moving ahead, you can’t live stuck in the past. Life is about living all seasons, happiness and sadness are parts. You cannot make your life a terrain of comparison. 

What one desires and uplifts our spirit is love but, more than it, the acceptance of truth, “first love yourself so you can liberate love”, this knowing softens the heart. You can’t feel the nearness of other souls without acceptance of yourself, and feeling good about yourself, and without loving yourself you cannot get out of the trap of complexes.  

The paradox is only a conflict between reality & your feeling, of what reality ought to be. And when it is so, why not be optimistic & faithful with self & cosmos? Running our own race with divine consciousness & grace; that’s Victory already. 

Self-acceptance is the key and with self-actualization, it becomes easy to be, to become what you want to be working on self-betterment. But the complex appears when we start comparing ourselves with others which leads to forced change that causes struggle, stress & frustration. And the truth is what is by/of/for the soul is always joyous. 

Love for self only appears after you receive healing for self, which comes after self-forgiveness. Forgiveness, acceptance, and letting go rule your emotional, physical, mental, and energetic health. And if you drive these states to negative it will deteriorate you. 

When this sinks into your mind,  that “you are the best & your only need is to be a better version of yourself”, each day, every moment you become the best. Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, and do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. 

Accept yourself with love, appreciate others without labels, agendas, skepticism,  judgments, or bias, and just be yourself and let others be. Be your very being, may possess your substance, be meaningful and helpful, and don’t let the world control you making you dance to its tune. 

When you stop comparing and focus on yourself to make yourself stronger than others you change the course, gently your heart is open and you behold the beauty of others. Choose to no longer be apologetic for your femininity respecting all divine feminine because this is what you deserve all love for yourself, by yourself. 

When you own your substance, your own being, Nay pulled by strings or to be people pleasing, Mover shaker of peoples’ subjection, instigation, or instincts. But dancing to the tune of Divine, Following your bliss your calling, flying soaring high you open your heart to receive all that is yours.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession.

Study the teachings of the pine tree, the bamboo, and the plum blossom. The pine is evergreen, firmly rooted, and venerable. The bamboo is strong, resilient, and unbreakable. The plum blossom is hardy, fragrant, and elegant.

Unleash the power of your mind to synchronize it with the nature of the Divine. That holds within the storms, wind & breeze, heat, warmth & peace. Manifesting balance budding embracing absolute blasting tranquillity. Pure the supreme, infinite, unconditional for yourself and the world and that’s the bounty.

Think what a remarkable, unduplicated and miraculous thing it is to be yourself. You are an original, a masterpiece, people will come and go over the phase of earth and none shall be like YOU. This is the power of your being.