I may own heaven, earth, rich of the world but, the void of dark the endless depth as of black-hole rest in my heart. The echo from the past never let me listen to the new tunes, to feel the breeze on my face and I don’t dare now to weave new dreams.

The forgotten pain rises again and again and I further sink too deep in the sorrow and malice from my past.

I wept and cried all night, running away from myself, seeking solace. I was tired and faint, not having the energy to contemplate, Why all happen to me, what wrong I did that happiness doesn’t find me.

As was sitting in silence tears running down, a voice called me unannounced. A shiver runs down my spine as I was confronting myself. None other but my feeble soul, screaming urging, “please, release the hold of your past”.

The soul of mine, the portion of the divine that I may have sourced subconsciously from my wandering to the various temples and shrines, places where I went in search of solace.

Why don’t you believe? Your strings are in my hand whisper the creator present in every ounce that surrounds. Surrender and see the power of the divine, until you won’t, so how shall I establish what has been designed?

How will you get through to reach what He kept for you? You call HIM all from the past and so he runs down to serve what you ask.

Don’t ask from past but seek new, empty your self and Creation will fill you again with better than what you held in past. Believe and change for better. Leave clinging to your past.

Break the barriers within, let all the agony, anger, sadness, grief, worthlessness, from the past may rush out of you just as the contaminated water stored in a dam, so can new blessing of showers may fill in, new mercy and rain of abundance may cease and flow free.

Are you puzzled and in search of your life? How could that be? As said, we all have “one life”,  and we are already living it, maybe not to the fullest but we are. No, that is just surviving, wasn’t in all meaningful ways to fetch out, it’s purpose.