Cyber Space, where people are busy with the projection of ARTIFICIAL personality and Machines are taught human touch. 


All in erroneous ways, catching up at the conjunction of life simulating diligence, stealing solace, falling in timidity losing peace of mind.

The loss of peace lead to the hello mind choking conscious besides, dangerous is that many engulf in the suffering are souls under depression for the reason of virtual life.
Now when souls are soaring in cyberspace in the world of delusion, I have come across a term losing its grace; “I Fake it till I make It”, all in antinomianism ways. Faces faking out and manifesting virtuality out of pragmatic ways.
But I tell you, it’s you who is simulating self for sake of like and shares over the media that serves no meaning to life. However, these futile desires add on to the crises of mindfulness.
I Fake it till I Make it, a heavy expression in cyberspace, yes, I am certain to gain shares and likes over my SM. But does fake leads one anywhere except to a dead end?
Exhibiting a hello around which is not the life of realia. The person when drifts from habit to addiction over the internet, they never know what they losing and what’s left.
The phrase, “I Fake it till I make it” from the early 20’th century is an English aphorism which suggests that by imitating confidence, positive behaviour, optimistic approach a person can inculcate these qualities, in reality, amalgamating with the true nature of a being.
Perhaps, true happiness is being yourself and welcoming what belongs to you and is truly yours. Because truth never hides and sooner or later reveals, hypocrisy never helps but leave one empty solving gothic tales of time and life.
So, Be true to yourself, is key to a strong foundation that never collapses with the passing of time. The company of self with head-high will never let you tired of time. Respect yourself and love what you are. And to do so one has to cut off from the virtual life.
Manifest what you want to be so soon, you’ll be what you want. If you don’t find you’re self-confident, optimistic and competent instead of self-doubting show your virtual self and slowly it will become your actual way of living and one day when you will look back at yourself your marvel at your new self.
“Fake it till you make it”, ideally is a mindset molding technique, that simulates the principles of thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering. Incorporating the means to behavioral changes, change for betterment.
When people act under emotions, sometimes incorporating reverse action works, act and gradually your act which has to be the outcome of will and awakening of the soul due to the prosperous emotions.
Thus the path to cheerfulness is positivity of mind and will power being persistent. If, for some reason, our spontaneous cheerfulness is lost, let it be, still then one has to sit up cheerfully gazing at the surrounding cheerful and to speak and act as if cheerfulness is already there.
If such study affirmation does not make one feel better and cheerful, nothing else can on that occasion says, William James.
So feel brave, as if we were brave, put all energies to bend it till that end and very likely you will replace the fear.
Being happy while truthful is the strongest magnet. The law of attraction affirms, “Be improved version of Yourself “.
How one can get to the point of self believing and achieving better self?
Be like a child and make-believe. Act as if you have it already, eventually, you shall make-believe, you will begin to believe you have received.
So do it a lot, “Fake it till you make it” but with the awakening of the soul, for the soul search and not in the virtual vision of cyberspace.