A happy mind is what everyone likes. One wants to be happy with self and surrounding. But if you are stuck in some emotions which not letting the soul soar the skies?, Trying to give the best but unable to achieve?
One in a lifetime, we all may have it.  An intense emotion which stuck inside us not letting us see worldwide, an opaque layer may be of fear, anger or self-pity. Suddenly thing goes out of our control, things we say or do, impact to hurt ourselves and our relations. One end up forming fractals to fail, bumping into walls collapsing not to see the open ways.
Susan David, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, suggests embrace change, thrive in work and get unstuck. The negative emotions in life like fear, anger or self-pity quickly set to the quagmire derailing one from the right track. Susan David suggests, tricks to cope up with the trickiest emotions to overcome and move on. And if one is able to achieve it, they will establish a deeper connection with self to an authentic life and good relationships and connections.

What actually blocks us from being happy? 
* Monkey mind: The cascade of regret about the past, and worry about the future or judgments about ourselves.
*Old ideas: Repeating old thoughts and behaviours not existing in current reality. Thought like, I am always choking in crucial situations” or “I’m not good enough for him/her”.
*Righteousness: To be right all the time, this need lead to conflict with others, rather than understanding and forgiveness.
The way we cope with negative feelings often serves to keep us stuck. Some of us bottle our emotions, trying to ignore them and soldier on blocking the generation of rich insight. Bottled emotions not letting the generation of rich insights but merely reliving the pain, converting very self-focused, leading to judge and blame selves for feelings. We aren’t aware of this dark side, yet they’re influencing our behaviour.
What should be the course to cope up negative emotions?
*To counter we first need to acknowledge we are chocked,  fear, anger or self-pity is ruling our mind.
*The best approach is self-compassion tells Susan David. With the clarity it brings, we can try to understand what the feelings are telling us—what we can learn about our desires, boundaries, or needs.
*Looking at our predicament from another person’s perspective is another way to gain some distance from negative emotions. Negative emotions can be clues to our deepest values, and how we may derail. Inculcating by living in an environment of strong positive people can help.
*Beat the loneliness. Loneliness reminds us to make time for our relationships when anxiety overrides to ruin. Keep your self-busy, setting up a weekly dinner with friends, or family.
*How one chooses to respond to the emotional warning system not losing focus and perception. Loosening up, living with more intention calming down to look wide and live is the key.