Practising Forgiveness Does Not Mean Accepting Wrong Doings~ Dalai Lama
They hurt you, set you to grieve, you are unable to forget they brought all miseries. Emotional trauma and physical pain what you went through is difficult to forget, but how long you will keep grieving, holding all memories never sweet but dark filled with sorrow in deep.
Life is about moving ahead, you can’t live stuck in past. Life is about living all season, happiness and sadness are parts. You cannot make this season of grieve as a journey of a lifetime. You have to forgive your self and give a chance to let go and welcome the change besides.
Forgiveness never means to “accept what happened to you”, or say,  “Ok, what happened, if anyone hurt you?”, however, with humble hearth, you have to let go with a lesson learnt.
The grievance is calling of emotional and physical torture, causing you sick, so when you forgive it’s not for others you do but for yourself, you forgive as you don’t want to stay sick for life. The weak can never forgive, only courageous people do.
What one desires and uplift our spirit is love but, more than it, the acceptance of truth, “first love your self so you can liberate love”, this knowing softens the heart.   You can’t feel the nearness of other souls without acceptance to your self, feeling good about your self and loving your self.
Love for self only appears after you receive healing for self, which comes after self-forgiveness. Forgiveness, acceptance and letting go rule your emotional, physical, mental, and energetic health. And if you drive these states to negative it will deteriorate you.
To forgive is not an easy task, many people struggle and are unable to. Maybe you too find it tough to forgive those who dreadfully hurt you. People can be very hurtful many a time with words. Words that unflinching scars, which are not easy to erase from memories.
The scars of hurt never fade, especially in situations where you have no control. Others anger or frustration may hold you gripped and trapped in the surrounding where you are unable to reflect your reactions.
Learn to forgive, forgiveness enriches Soul, the negative consequences of not forgiving are far dangerous, it kills your positive energies, you stop living a happy life, you stop librating happiness and joy for others too.
People who don’t forgive end up bitter, restlessness and cynicism over looms life.  People often have an unending list of things they are angry about or people who have done them wrong. The people who don’t forgive start living life in vengeance a bitter life.
Where people get confused is in understanding, forgiveness does not mean acceptance. Forgiveness does not mean that all, “what happened to you, you were okay with it, and anyone can have a chance again to hurt you”, no acceptance does not mean that.
You forgive for yourself, not for others. You forgive as you want to have a positive life ahead, not to live a confined life given by people themselves in suffering flinching unhealthy memories.
Forgiveness is like, you have decided to take up an ahead journey all in a positive way for your life. Acceptance means you are going to look forward and not giving yourself pain with the flashbacks. The other person who had hurt in past may- may not have got affected by the events at all with which you are living your life all in misery, that is why you do it for your self and not for others.
Acceptance is a wide gesture which reflects your maturity to the event, where you understand that one cannot change past and history or undone the things, but accepting and letting go strengthens you, challenges you to learn from past negative memories.
An understanding that you have to be grateful for those bad thing in life as they now let you see and appreciate this present. Sufferings lead us into learning and understanding the presence of God, humble us down and caring for others.
Forgiveness and acceptance provide you with a wider perspective and make you realise why others behave the way they do,& how broken they themselves are. When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future.