Are you puzzled and in search of your life? How could that be? As said, we all have “one life”,  and we are already living it, maybe not to the fullest but we are. No, that is just surviving, wasn’t in all meaningful ways to fetch out, it’s purpose.

As dawn breaks the night, & happiness takes over the sorrow, it’s living that sweeps out the mere surviving life. If you are in search of a meaningful life, a purpose of living one has to experience a worthless living first, which may not be about the worldly pleasures, perhaps experiencing the emotional vulnerabilities.

We all go through something that marks a difference in our lives and reveals a perspective which was ever unknown to us before. People are fighting battles every day to survive, with a task to put up the bread on the the table in the last, at night. Some emotional struggle which peeps in through by the escape of night, where is that peace and compassion to be shared? The fullest life?

In recent days I bump into an old friend of mine who hailed out of her 1st life, the so-called “one life”, gone through much, burned up to the ashes now as she beams in the brightness of incandescence.

As she explains to me her battle to save the wedding, once who was out of hope of a happy life and living when she discovered that she is going to get divorced out of her decade-plus two long years of wedlock. Document of divorce ended her hope of a happy life, throwing her into the milestone of “thriving to survive”.

She had gone through hell trying to cope up with her situation for years, putting her heart and soul to save the world in anticipation, how the world around her will fall. Going through emotional trauma for almost six years, she was then just 35.

It was the 11years  anniversary of a marriage that was going to end with a son of years 10, who was beaming to see through the world of his innocent eyes. Going through one of the toughest phases of her life, her health parameters were on red realm due to all the stress, she headed all in poor confidence to life.

And just when everything was falling through with no hopes, she met the experience of the life, a “guiding light”. Yes, life has a lot new to throw over us when we can’t expect any more. As she shared with me her experience her joy was overflowing, and it was evident to see, “ I have never lived a content, happier and a positive life before.

It was out of imagination in my lifetime of 40 years said she”. Her content has brought her to peace in harmony not only with her personal life, however, has brushed up her professional one too. Her health has improved significantly, and she is taking up every day as a new to learn and improve as she calls it reliving all in “Radiance of Incandescent”.

We all go through the life without the understanding of the truth of life tells she. If we can see these truths and teach our selves to live with them will have an apt passage, insignificant of the destination,  a journey all in “Radiance of Incandescent”.

Your life is yours to live, and it’s only you who have to bear your cross all in the endurance of difficulties. Your family, friends, relations or connections are the spectators with emotions or non, but you have to lead and live your daily life.

Being lived of the 1st truth subconsciously or either, we live a life; our life for others, and this is the 2nd truth. This truth leads us to mind traps to satisfy self which becomes difficult many a time.

Leading to push us towards an unsatisfied living, soaked in frustrations,  as we compromise our happiness comforting others, with an anxious mind of the world being judgmental. Worrying about what others think/feel is the single biggest reason why many people do not take the right decisions.

The mind is powerful, is powerful enough if understood, and is entirely in our control, can be programmed to beam us to bounce in a happy mood despite all struggle. Ignorance of this truth keeps us away from a joyous living. Only its challenging to train the mind to be like, difficult though, but not impossible.

Once this truths is understood, all sorrows can be easily undone, and then the journey is unstoppable heading the way all in “Radiance of Incandescent”. What is the purpose of life? When searched with the understanding of the above-said truth, the peace and joy of meaningful live flows through.

The possibilities are in abundance only needs to strike all in unconditional love and passion for that guiding light, our surrounding and for the dark corners.

Whatever you need, it can be professional training, higher education, social welfare, culture, arts, music, travel, people, hobbies etc., passion towards your choice can provide the immense life of indulgence leading to a purpose driven life.

Searching the missing out and experience of spoiling with no regret is the utter pact with purpose. We all have not just one life,  the second starts when the first is over, and only happens when we turn from ashes to “Radiance of Incandescent” in that guiding light., meaning to serve purpose.

creating happiness moment by moment. Compassion and kindess are the crux, and again this creation of happiness we do it for others and this joy of giving become our joy proposing life.

Your mind and body are not separate from the environment but an envelope of pulsating power surrounds your body constantly. This sea of vast energy interacts with the consciousness and perhaps is the formative force that forms and reforms your environment, your journey & your goal; your world.

The synchronised energy of your Mind Body & Soul is the threshold energy, that set you to break free from set the stereotype finite mindset to an infinite mentality. Stretching & Strengthening the belief system, that you can achieve what you dream while working on-in reality?

If any of the trio; #Mind_ #Body_ #Soul; suffers or is injured it’s difficult to carry on in #synchronised & #harmonious way towards the #GOAL. A free Spirit in synchronisation with Divine Energy hoists body & mind to #soar all being #Humble & #Happy, #sharing not in seeking Life. For what you send your receive, & so share positivevibes only. 

Know, You Are The Maker of Your Own Destiny!