My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he gave me his TIME

Love & gratitude for fathers is a daily act & becomes explicit on FathersDay. An expression of gratitude for guidance, support & care that concrete connections for generations.

It’s moving to know, the cause of the origin of this celebration? Each day is a gift, so live it showering love.

A mining disaster in 1908 that deprived 250 families of fathers on the same day. The disaster occurred in an area that is now within the borders of modern-day China but was at the time part of the state of Manchukuo.

The disaster began with a fire in the mine. In order to suppress it, the Japanese operators cut off the air in the ventilation shafts and blocked off the mine so as to deprive the blaze of oxygen. Don’t wait until the end to wake up to your life to love your Dad.

A mining disaster in 1908

Father plays a crucial role in the upbringing of children, in the true sense they are the author of society.

Want to bring that change for Good, Impact and Influence the world? Well, Begin from your home with your Child. A good dad can be a positive role model for boys and help them to adopt a healthy gender identity as well as a better awareness of their feelings and emotions.

The girl who is raised under the protective wings of her father is confident and is happy and with a positive attitude and perspective. 

Your every thought and every action are inspiring and influencing the people around you to be more good, do more good. Your actions are an impetus to the people who you inspire. 

Father’s influence on daughters;

Father’s Influence on His Sons;

My dad’s involvement in my life is a crucial ingredient to this day. It’s his guidance, encouragement that boosts my confidence and helps me to become a better person each day. My self-esteem is an outcome of his confidence in me. Thank you, Papa and a very happy father’s day.