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Happy For Money?

Happy For Money? I received this video over my Whats-app from a friend, as I watched through it I plunged into contemplation, how the world is running after money? Aren’t we all are part of a rat race seeking solace, as at the end what matters for every being is to be happy!

It’s human that people strive for a good life, they aspire for a happy life. But this is also human nature that people disrupt themselves out of dissatisfaction, for what is given or what they willingly receive.

Reminiscent of human characteristic people like to be at unrest thriving for new demands and desires. Which is perfectly alright to be not decisive perhaps seeking variety, seeking more should be human nature.

We expect extra, we seek solace all in solicit physical ways, oblivious of what one is racing after is not an object. The antecedent this is ignorance, understanding of a happy being is complicit of commodities. Though, what complies is different for different beings.

For some, it’s food, for some lifestyle, for some more money, for some glamour and many, soaring success. Achievements and accomplishment of commodities had become the compass of happiness.

When what is given even if that is satisfying one desires more, that’s an ambitious mentality. However, when the core objective strains towards more materialistic means the tendency of seeking more and more advances replacing the desire of development into disrupt.

Yes, it’s true that money open options and splendid ways to adore life but then, that all is again in materialistic ways. Well, all again in the hope of happiness. The myth that dominates the mind is “achieving more of a materialistic matter”, cause occurrence of happiness and serenity.

The human race is after the race for more money, glamour, fame and added to the list are an element of cyberspace, the high number of likes and share over the social media handles.

Perhaps the pursuit of happiness and contentment still never ends. Even after achieving the above-said goals and glory, one is not happy and contented, Why?

The vicious cycle of life and routine, one is running to earn and spend all ridiculously in delight, possibly unable to assimilate what brings solace. The pursuit of happiness never ends, what keeps us happy and healthy as one goes through life is the question, the key to which is a key to a life of contentment.

If you think the key to happiness is fame and money, you’re not alone. But, according to the most extended study on happiness, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you’re mistaken.

Mr Robert, after his deep insightful study and research, elucidate “If you are HAPPY FOR MONEY, you will then never be able to behold your happiness for long”.

Mr Robert after tracking the health and mental well-being of a group of 724 people ranging between 8 years to 80 years, on data over more than 76 years decodes, “happiness and satisfaction are not about money.”

If we could watch the time or unfold the life of the people who underwent study, for over 76 years, the research boils down to dictate that the three principles which can describe happiness are all attribute of relationships we breathe the personal, professional or social one.

So, if you have a healthy and happy relationship/relationships you are right on track. Are you? How the relationships define happiness, let’s check.

Being social is good says, Mr Robert. People in social connections are happier because they are not living isolated lives as those who do live in isolation, are less happy. Their brain decline sooner, there observation and response retires rather faster, and they plunge towards an end unhappily.

It’s not about the number of friends one has or it’s a committed relationship or not. Perhaps what signifies is the quality of relationship you hold says, Robert J Waldinger. What you source out of your relationship is what impacts your being, your personage, your strengths, talents, curiosity, desire for development and optimism with faith and trust.

All your physical and mental state manifests your mental and physical health. These are the crucial factor evolved in the evaluation of the quality of a relationship.

Living in high conflict relationship without affection is dangerous possibly worse than a divorce. The study postulates, one’s midlife can prognosticate life at the ’80s and so the health then.

Warm relationships are protective: the happy health OXYGENARIAN comes out at the age of fifty. Those who are most satisfied with their relationship at fifty were healthiest at the age of eighty shows the research. At the age of fifty, the cholesterol generation in the body does not affect old age however, a bad relationship does.

Calm close relationship buffers up and set a cushion from the sling and arrow of getting old. The researchers discern people at the age of eighty’s who were in a good relationship were happier and in a good mood even when going through the physical pain of ageing.

A good relationship is an element that creates a protective gear against the factors of ageing that impacts the functioning of body and brain. Memory is sharp of those being in a securely attached relationship at the ’80s they laugh more and are more active.

A good relationship not necessarily has to be smooth all the time, couples bicker often, but if one feels they can count while going through tough times, that feeling secures brain health and memory. Such conflicts do not affect memory, the argument did not damage memory.

They say, “wisdom hill is hard to get and easy to skip”. A relationship is messy and complicated as well, it’s not only sexy or glamorous. But lifelong and never-ending are the happiest one. After retirement happiness works as a medicine.

Post-retirement. one spends time with playmates and not workmates. We look at life to a quick fix, but it doesn’t. The relationships need time, invest in them, happy are the people with happy relationships.

Name, fame and wealth bring good life, but for a happier life, the research of over seventy-five years explicates, those who lean into relationships with family and friends, people with communities are healthier and happier.

Time is brief, money can’t buy it, plunge into change, move with it. Banish the money mind, don’t waste your energy and experience in volatile volumes of feuds, apologies, calling to account, bickering and heartburn. Hold on to healthy relationships. A good life is built on good relationships.

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